Friday , January 15 2021

More problems for San Lorenzo

All the Argentine teams have already started looking for players to strengthen their teams to 2019. Less than 20 days before the start of the transfer market in January, and considering the urgency of the coaches to renew their teams, they have already begun surveys. One of the clubs that need the most is San Lorenzo de Almagro, which is in the process of construction with the arrival of his new technical director, Jorge Almirn.

The burning coach has been asked the leaders of the hierarchy, Given that Cyclone has a clear goal to deal with next year: Copa Libertadores 2019. Almirn aspires to players he has already directed at other clubs and it completely understand his game system. Among the favorites are Eskiel Piati, Federico Manche, and those, like Mosto, Diego Baragieri, Victor Quasta, Fernando Monti, Germain Montoya, Nicholas Fernandez, Relais Luiza, Alexis Mac Alistair, Diero Moreno and Roman Campozano.

Three football players of the candidates by the technician are played at the Atletico National Club. The problem is that the institution is forbidden to combine players in 2019 with a fine. By 2015, Come on, Fernando Uribe, Now at Flamengo, he left the club in free mode and emigrated to Toluca de Mexico, so the Cortolo demanded the bridge because it was part of the player's move.

National Athletics appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sports (TAS) to reinstate the sanction imposed by the FCF, which requires him to pay $ 5 million to Cortello. Pending the verdict, the Madeleine team had to deal with the beginning of the year with the players available on the class and probably not letting up, since it can not be strengthened.

Meanwhile, the leadership of San Lorenzo and began negotiations to maintain Mancuello's services. Also, Almiran is interested in two members of the current Boca Jong team, who do not have much continuity and are not among the first. One of them is Emmanuel Ms, from the past at Boedo, and Emmanuel Reynoso, formerly Talleres de Crdoba.

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