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Mother’s Day: Two days before her mother’s death, she took a screenshot of a message from her on WhatsApp that went viral | chronicle


It Sunday, October 17, Argentina celebrates Mother’s and Family Day. As is customary on these dates, girls and boys buy a gift for their mothers to celebrate with or send them a message WhatsApp, If they are separated by miles. Although not everyone has a physical presence on this day, there was no shortage of affection and shows The stories that have gone viral on social media.

On Twitter has gone viral An anecdote of a young man who said that two days before the death of his mother he did Screenshot for the WhatsApp chat window With the intention of “Stop time.” As is customary in these stories, other users also joined in telling what they did after The deaths of their mothers.

“Now that no one is calling us, two days before my mother died, I made this capture as if I could stop time,” User reporter @FerAlcala_s next to the picture where his mother is seen writing.

The tweet that went viral on Twitter.

Emotional publicity has touched the hearts of many people, it has already garnered more than 32,000 likes and more than 1,700 retweets.

“Although I understand that nostalgia and sadness take over this tweet, let’s not forget that love is also laughter and that’s the kind of WhatsApp my mother sent me. I once flew to London. You should have loved it,” he said. Added his Twitter Threading User Fer Alcalá.

On Mother’s Day in Argentina, exciting stories quickly go viral.

This is how users responded to the Twitter viral

“What can I tell you, if after almost 10 years there are still times I have to restrain myself so as not to press the call button,” Wrote @mandy_cotton near capturing the connection of his mother who has been missing for a decade.

Some users have said that they still have contact with their mothers.

“The micro-seconds where the phrase ‘Oh, I’m going to call Mom to ask her’ until you realize I’m no more. How do I understand you? Ponder another user.

Reflections on Twitter were not lacking.

“Eight years have passed since my grandmother left, she called her every night only after she finished ‘Passpalbra’ which she loved. She always answered ‘Granddaughter good night’. There are still nights I have a desire to call her,” he said. Shared another tweet.

Twitter is the social network where hundreds of stories go viral.

In other cases, they referred to their parents: “It was very difficult for me to remove my father’s phone number from my cell phone. It was to confirm that I would never talk to him again.”

Some users remembered their parents.


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