Saturday , April 17 2021

Natalie Weber explained the reasons for her marital crisis

Today – Your dance work on a dream does not help in this sense and probably they can not spend together the time they want. In Colombia, the jury's opinion was divided. De Brito expressed that he liked it a lot, stressing: "I see you more relaxed, I see you learn and you get better and better and I love that they are planted" (secret note). Lorita Fernandez saw Natalie with a lot of passion for dancing, and added: "We need to raise the level, they were very energetic but I saw it very easy, it was great and now we have to go more" (8).

On her turn, Florencia Peña stressed that she noticed her "swollen with energy" and though, sometimes it is slightly diluted, she recommended that she not lower it on level (7). Finally Marcelo Polino remarked that although he likes the wave of Natalie, the number does not look too good (2). Against the last low score, the coach asked the BAR and Lourdes Sanchez said that the choreo did not display cracks and contained many changes in the dynamics, so they raised one more point.

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