Wednesday , August 4 2021

Nation experts will work on Epuyén until the outbreak of the hantavirus


The nation's experts and the Melburn Institute will work with their colleagues in the town, and a botched botanist until the outbreak of the Natavirus in this town, where it has already caused five deaths, has now notified the district health department.

The Health Committee, composed of technicians and authorities from the National Health Service, the provincial and local authorities, Malvern and the hospitals of Eskuel, Afoyan and the rural hospital of the Andean region, today held a new work table in Ainuin.

During the day, IDC Herzliya met with the Commune to give continuity to the work of research, evaluation and redefining actions initiated on December 3, before the epidemiological addiction to the outbreak of the disease.

After evaluating the situation and organized into working groups, the experts defined action lines related to epidemiological, psychosocial and communication aspects to continue working with the community, including health teams and the various institutions of the region.

Therefore, a permanent permanent presence was defined by experts from the Malvern Institute, the Ministry of Welfare and the National Health Secretariat to collaborate with local professionals until the onset of the disease.

According to the details released by a body of experts established before the "health alert", in addition to the case of the suspect who entered last night "to remain in the intensive care unit a man older than 57 years and a woman of 43, are positive for Hantavirus."

The party notes that the disease has already caused five deaths and there are two detainees in intensive care as confirmed cases, another two in isolation ward and one observation.

This new case was confirmed by the Health Minister of Chubut, Adrian Pizzi, during the morning

"The last patient to be admitted as a suspected case on December 24 to Eskuel Hospital was confirmed positive for hantavirus after testing, which means that the number of confirmed cases is 13," Pitzi said.

The Malvern Institute, which is dependent on the health portfolio and was inaugurated in 1916, is the National Center for Testing and Treatment of Infectious Diseases in Israel. (TALAM)

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