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Pepper gas, scratch and opposite edges. Boca – 04/30/2019


Since he took over the team in 2014, Marcelo Gallardo has undoubtedly changed the modern history of the river. Partly because of its tremendous effectiveness in international dollars, land that has always slipped into Milo, but also to transform the fatherhood that Boca has held in recent decades. However, before he turned to him as DT, he had some memorable encounters against his opponent for life with shorts. A 3-0 victory at Bombonera with his goal in 1994, some unforgettable free shots and something to regret: when he scratched Pato Abbondanzieri in the 2004 series.

"I always took this episode as something out of my focus, I never had difficult experiences with opponents, it was very strong because of everything it created, apart from the (half) show of the box office. All these years reminded me of this moment. There was very strong internal pressure, sometimes one loses a certain axis of things that must be focused ", Began with Gelardo, in the second part of his conversation with Juan Pablo Varese in Spotty.

From the time he lost his temper, Monique jumped to the crossroads of 2015, even to Libertadoras when he reacted in a completely different way: "This chapter, 15 years later, puts me somewhere else. When we lived in pepper gas was a very serious situation, here it was not as big as it might have been: a great tragedy. It seems that this was an anecdotal fact, not important in some of our historical football layers. At that moment I felt that if we were different that day, we could observe and listen to unpleasant behaviors within the area as had happened, if we had reacted, something could have happened. It was too bad what happened, if we were not calm, I do not know what happened … ".

In this sense, Gallardo added: "Heroes can have a certain effect on the message we are going through. We live in a very aggressive society, unfortunately we do not enjoy it. Above all, football conveys the frustrations of people very directly. Often fans go to court to get all the anger that the agony has. Those of us who are part of this game are not from another company, we make the same mistakes. Things happen to us as well and we live in situations, but we have to be very measured with our responses. This hundreds of people tell you is the only reason why I'm happy … they are satisfied with the sporty result. But there are also those who have lost and are sad. "

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Winning Bliberdores after killing Boca seemed impossible, but Fate kept more historical labyrinths for the doll's curriculum. He had already won the Supercupa at Mendoza in early 2018, and at the end of the year there was a whole orchestra, the most important of all.

Gallardo and D'Anfrio with the Supercup.

Gallardo and D'Anfrio with the Supercup.

Sophie The Last Way Bella Boca: "In the beginning, I thought it was open final, as opposed to what was expected in the past. I saw both teams clearly, beyond the forms, of the search, then the players' answers, that they enter the field and make decisions, if there is a lot of tension, fear of deceit leads to closed matches, The opposite happened, as I thought. "

Tactical strategy: "We try to look for him knowing the parameters of the opposing team. They, playing at both ends with a lot of back, to take advantage of the spaces, I sent the sides to play forward. If the edges go down, we can attack them or end up defending with a long attack space, we would have superiority in and out. It was Boca's surprise for the first half hour. Pavón's injury caused a change. We had to continue playing far beyond the double. They set a line of 4 in the middle, we no longer had lines of open pass as at the beginning and a very game was played. For the rehearsal, the suspension of the pit replaced us by force and we decided to bypass a middle court player. "

End of knees suspended: "When it happened, I was concentrating, I could not go into the locker room, I was worried, what I wanted was that the sporting event could develop, the size it was, all over the world. It did not occur to me that they had given Boca the cup. I always believed that what happened ten blocks from the stadium was not connected to an internal event. So there are things that you can not check, but the first thing I thought was to take care of the bokeh players who were in the microwave and the first to think that he did not want to play the game, we did not need that athletic advantage. When finally it is suspended and they allow me to leave, only then I was able to communicate with Guillermo and ask about the health of the people. "

Final in Madrid: "The script changed and the tensions were different, none of the teams was loose. The fact that she did not know the land was a disadvantage of sport. Another thing was in our house, with our people, knowing where the ball is the best … It may or may not be an advantage, you can win or lose, but in the neutral field it was a drawback. We struggled to develop our initial game, in ST we saw the best of the team in terms of back natural forms. We had to keep control of the ball with a player like Juanfer and return to Enzo Perez. We have already made a racing match against the suspension of Ponzio and Brazil with Gremio through injury. "

The day after the final: "It's very difficult to get emotionally resolved the day after, at that moment I felt that more than that I did not read the expression in the middle of Barenbo, Deboratio speaking, as soon as I do not know if it will be presented again, I did not appreciate my wish to continue or leave , It was a sense of not knowing what to do next. So much so that we had an invoice after such an event, go to the Emirates to lose with the Arab team. "

The natural slowdown in football: "The card falls later, the coach's frustrations are usually bitter even in victory." The day after the celebration in Madrid, we got on the Emirates and the players told them that if we did not stop what we had achieved, we would have a bad time. And yet it happened, there are things that can predict but it is natural to live them, I began to try not to be in all the details because sometimes things just happen. When we returned we lost three games in a row and confirmed what I felt at the end of the year. The natural time of things should be given this way. We could lose five or ten more games. Frustration puts you back on alert. If not, when you want to stand up and step you realize that you are not strong. When you want to remember that you're losing a semester and that's something that could have happened to us. "

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