Sunday , January 24 2021

Prosecutor Stornelli asked to arrest a lawyer, his daughter and son-in-law for the money of Daniel Munoz

Federal prosecutor Carlos Saturni has asked for the arrest of Miguel Angel Flo, the former lawyer of Carolina Fozti, the widow of Daniel Munoz, Nestor's personal secretary and Christina Kirchner, who would have spent more than $ 70 million on the books. Plaintiff He also wanted to arrest Flo's daughter, lawyer Maria Maria Flo, and her husband Federico Zupibic., they have mentioned Anaphobia Judicial sources.

The Plaintiff claimed that both Flo and his daughter and son-in-law were part of the attempts of Munoz's widow Get rid of 16 properties That, through various fronts, acquired in Miami and New York.

The existence of these departments was revealed when the Panama Case Papers revealed the investments made by the former secretary of Nestor Kirchner with offshore companies through the Phoenician company Mosk Fonseca.

Even, sAnd they identified Flo's travels, his daughter, and / or his son-in-law to the United States during the key moments in which these assets were operated by various companies., With the apparent purpose of complicating the money route.

As you may have known Anaphobia, The arrest warrant was formulated by the Plaintiff before Judge Claudio Bonado, who, for the time being, ordered the interrogation of the interrogators. The judge hopes to investigate Maria Yeshua Plus and her husband today to find out what explanations they give to the suspicions that the Attorney General has made.

On Monday, Flo staged an investigation in the Bonadio courtroom. In his presentation, he assured that the trips he made to the United States were tourist reasons and dismissed the suspicions in connection with the money of Daniel Muñoz and his surroundings.

A few weeks ago, the lawyer was condemning Bonadio and Stornelli for breach of confidentiality.

Flo is an eminent lawyer with a strong affinity to the Bonanusieri paranoia, who was an official in the Buenos Aires district of the prison district in 2000 and even represented Claudio Roccio, the daughter of the Peronist trade union Jose Ignacio RozziGeneral of the officers who were killed by bullets in 1973 to demand the interrogation of four former hierarchies Montoneros.

In the case that was born in the court of Luis Rodríguez and eventually annex the case of corruption notebooks, Stornelli advances on alleged "Legal, corporate and banking organizations in Argentina and abroad"It worked around Daniel Muñoz," to channel, convert, transfer, manage, sell, disguise and put into circulation the market money of an illegal source, probably originating (in the case of notebooks) and convert them into the official economic circle under the appearance of the law. "

After the contribution of two co-defendants (a former couple who confessed to being the front man of Munoz) Stornelli believes that Flo was part of the maneuvers that were used for his client to try to get rid of the characteristics Which were discovered in Miami and New York.

According to the indictment, were arrested today Juan Manuel Campo -ex Minister of Finance Kirchner in Santa Cruz and former head of the UNCCD – and his nephew Gaston Campo attended with lawyer De Plo "The dismantling of the company structure has been armed in the United States in the sale of registered propertiesOn behalf of alleged "Monoz" cargoes, who were also arrested in the case or were arrested and managed to be released after they announced.

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