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Ranking of the dispute: Boca, the best Argentine club in history and the river does not appear in the top 30 in the world


Football France, Who is in charge of the Golden Ball Award for the best soccer player in the world, has published a controversial rating with The best clubs in history. Real Madrid He positioned himself above allwhile Barcelona, Also from Spain, and Manchester United from England Complete the podium.

However, one of the largest discussions was created In Argentina And not because of Mouth Selected as Most important, But for The absence of a river, The last champion of the Copa Libertadores de America, in the top 30.

"Xeneize" ranked 18, While the other Argentine institution that appears among the 30 best teams in history is Independent position 27. Cast "Millionaire "? Directly Do not think In the registry.

The prestigious French magazine has made the rating According to a series of ten criteria and took into account 85 clubs from 29 countries on five continents They travel from Spain to Japan, Germany to Mexico, England to Uruguay and France to Tunisia.

France's evaluation of each football team is based on Analysis of schools (Also in a single form of football players), The headlines Harvested throughout history, Participation in any meeting, audience What brand On TV And the scope at Social Networks. It also takes parameters Economic income and expenditure And the importance, clarifies subjectively, what the club has in world history. It follows that the dispute skyrocketed due to lack of river between 30 teams.

"Real Madrid is the biggest and leading winner in four categories (The number of golden balls, social networking enthusiasts, the club's income and of course history), and never moves from sixth place in the other six, "says the article that can be seen to this day." Merengue " He is followed by Barcelona to seven points.

Although the first places are occupied by Spanish teams, English players dominate the top ten. God five registered In the top 10 Thanks to its history and great economic power: Manchester United (3), Liverpool (5), Chelsea (8), Manchester City (9) and Arsenal (10). Meanwhile, Bayer Munich of Germany (4), Juventus of Italy (6) and PSG of France (7) are the rest of those who make up the top ten positions.

30 best in history

1. Real Madrid (Spain) 184 pts.
2. Barcelona (Spain) 177 pts.
3. Manchester United (England) 151 pts.
4. Bayern Munich (Germany) 135 pts.
5. Liverpool FC (England) 120 pts.
6. Juventus (Italy) 107 pts.
7. PSG (France) 94 pts.
8. Chelsea (England) 91 pts.
9. Manchester City (England) 89 pts.
10. Arsenal (England) 88 pts.
11. Milan AC (Italy) 78 pts.
12. Borussia Dortmund (Germany) 70 pts.
13. Atlético Madrid (Spain) 67 pts.
14. Tottenham Hotspur (England) 61 pts.
15. Inter Milan (Italy) 60 pts.
16. Ajax (Netherlands) 37 pts.
17. Olympique de Marseille (France) 35 pts.
18. Boca Juniors (Argentina) 31 pts.
19. Benfica (Portugal) 24 pts.
20. Monchengladbach (Germany) 24 pts.
21. Celtic (Scotland) 23 pts.
22. Al-Ahli (Egypt) 23 pts.
23. Schalke 04 (Germany) 22 pts.
24. VfB Stuttgart (Germany) 21 pts.
25. AS Roma (Italy) 21 pts.
26. AS Monaco (France) 21 pts.
27. Galatasaray (Turkey) 18 pts.
28. Standalone (Argentina) 18 pts.
29. America (Mexico) 18 pts.
30. Santos FC (Brazil) 18 pts.

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