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Rape of the Therma Fardín in Nicaragua: who took care of the "ugly duck" children on patrols

Sunday, 17 May 2009. Six in the afternoon in Managua, Nicaragua. End of tour Ugly Duckling, the most cute show For the Latin American show in the galleries of Santo Domingo, the last show before returning home, was Sold: Even the $ 40 Vip tickets were sold. The boys were happy; the success was amazing. In addition, they warned that in the dining room of Holiday Inn Where they were staying, a huge cake was waiting for them to celebrate the birthday of an actress in a cast. There was a climate of celebration.

"We arrived from the stadium and the hotel collapsed. I took pictures to show my mother. They took us to the bottom, to the pool area and they closed it, because there were even people who paid to get to plaster, "the actress recalled Thelma Parden Before the journalist Luciana Packer, when she recounted the suffering she suffered when she was only 16 years old Died by Juan Darthés.

The fans invaded all corners of the hotel to be close to their idols. "The source came, they are not cloned, and it fulfills the dream of many children who follow the Argentine strip Ugly duck Channel 2 ", Declared the producer in Nicaragua Magdalena Lovato post New log Of your country.

At the entrance to the Holiday Inn, in the corridors, there was a climate of excitement. The boys who were part of the successful telenovela to Teresa – who in 2007 and 2008 destroyed the ratings – could not believe why they lived so much from home.

"They tell us that we could not go to the lobby in any way because it exploded. We were not with a delegation that protected us. To go to my room, I climb the service stairs. Behind me comes this man. I remember that patent ", followed by his brave testimony Thelma.

The company responsible for the tour – Daniel Greenbank, Who finished the tour with Ideas del Sur, the owner of El Trece's success, took the entire floor of the hotel so that the children and helpers were calm; they knew there were fans who rented rooms to access them in the corridors, they wanted everything to be in control.

Juan Dartes followed the young actress. Thelma came to her room and realized that the card was not working for her; she was depressed. "I came from the pool and I was with a basic shurcito, a little dress and a towel. He told me: 'You can not go down to reception.' Why do not you call from my room and I have a card that was uploaded to you? ""

When I called, the worst nightmare began. "He started to kiss my neck behind me, I was completely paralyzed." At that moment he was completely confused. He grabbed my hand, turned me around, forced me to touch her, showed me that she was erect and said, 'Look how you put me.'"He continued in a video she had shown with the Argentinian collective actors who accompanied her and supported her brave denunciation.

"He threw me on the bed. Running shorts. He practiced oral sex. I say no, I say no and his name. He continues to touch me. He stuck my fingers. And at that moment I say: & # 39; Your children are my age. I kept saying no. This is a very strong expression. And he, on the other hand, climbs over me and penetrates me. At that moment they knock on the door to get me the ticket. It makes him get out of me. I run to the door. He tells me not to go. I go into my room and have a long bath. I did not understand, "he wept as he re-experienced the severe abuse he had undergone nine years ago.

The celebration and the joy of success went out to the girl, who barely understood the horror. The man who worked with him for two years, the one who played cards with the cast, ate with them on the tour, raped her.

Before the dramatic and courageous testimony of Thelma Pradin, the following questions: How could this happen? Who was responsible for the safety of the boys during the tour? Who cared for them?

Ideas from the south, owned Marcelo Tinelli, Closed the 2009 tour with DG Entertainment, by Daniel Greenbeck, who today organizes the shows for America and the world of Disney products like Violetta o I'm Luna.

"The artists responsible for all their aspects are the producers who produce the content, in this case Ideas del Sur.We are responsible for the artistic contracting, for the concession of the good product," Greenbank explains. They ripped off.

"The content producer is the one who rents Talent managers, Responsible for assisting adults and children alike "he explained.

"In cases where there are minors, the parents usually give them a crossing force, so they can travel and make paperwork on behalf of the child. In case of Ugly duck It was del Sur ideas sent by the talent managers, And I know about the obsession of child care companies. In general, these teachers are the same thing that accompanies the children during the year during the recordings of the television series"

The producer explained that the role of these mentors is "Being on the day of the boys: it does not exceed the permitted work schedules and minor, balanced diet, agenda, the needs they may be."

"Usually one talent manager travels all five guys, and there is a boss who is the head of the team that runs them. This tour also traveled to the mothers of Brenda Asnicar and Laura Esquivel, Because often the parents of the protagonists accompany their children – as well Tiny Stussel On the tours of Violetta– because the demands on them are greater than those of the actors, since they have to attend press conferences, photo meetings, interviews. "

Greenbeck, married to Andrea Pietra who belongs to a group of actresses, learned about the case a few months ago when Thelma Fardín approached Actrices Argentines for help. "What happened is doubly severe because it had to be the enemy inside"Says Greenbank.

"They lived together, they traveled together, it was as if one of her family raped her, a terrible crime, aggravated by the injuries of the girl who relied on him."

He remembered that during the tours the children could not leave the hotel. And it all got worse because he came from two years of work with them and won the trust of the youth in Gaza.

"Talent managers could not know about this situation, it's something unexpected, He spent the same hotel, and Drats used all the viability she had given him on the same floor, only a few rooms away, to commit the perverted crime. This case exceeds the parameters Even the best talent manager, with the best psychological support team, could not have predicted this horror"said.

The producer celebrates that today is known truth, "that silence gives impunity to these evil characters." In a painful thing there is something good to save: Because the company has a consensus that enabled Thalma to speak after nine years. Because the only way to end this is because there is no partnership for silence. "

– Was he surprised when he learned of this new complaint against Dart? Talesov asked

No, that I always believed in Kahlo. I felt that Feathers was an evil creature. And this new act of abuse and cow only confirmed what I had felt since those condemned him: that he could make a monster.

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