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Real Madrid vs CSKA Moscow – Match Report – 12 December 2018

MADRID (Paola Núñez | ESPN Digital) – CSKA Moscow finished with hot Real Madrid. In football. It was not on the floor where rivalry is even from time to time, more often than not, it becomes a source of dissatisfaction for meringues. It was on the field of Santiago Bernabéu, where the Russian side punished the meringues with a 0-3 blow.

Madrid believed that nothing had been lost in defeat. Only honor.

What the Russians left. Respect, self-respect and hope. Written that they are leaving the Champions League, but they still had hope to finish the third and play in the Europa League.

Luck for Santiago Solari and his men was that he played the "matinee" of the Champions League, and it was not a packed stadium that whistled Isco for the first mistake, because even fans of the reduced price in the game of procedure have tired so much failure. And it touched malagño; The one that covered the caps in recent weeks, because of a new replacement situation.

It was not, until now, the culprit of the shipwreck. Isco fought. he is running. He made an effort to reverse the situation. But Isako, who he was, was the victim of his tricks. He wants to do magic & In a place where he did not need, and he failed in dealing with the goal inexplicably.

He was forced to miss a clear opportunity when his team lost 0 – 2. His team in each expansion, since the coach sent to the auxiliary class where the irrelevant parties are played. This is where Isco and Asensio have the guaranteed ownership. Because with enough motivation responds to fight opportunities, but it has a limit. And he came to him tonight.

The game could have ended at 37 with a goal that appeared to come from Sigurdson received mid-middle before Lalente's indifferent look to start the race to the area. He had three defenders near him in the area, so attentive to his movements that no one thought of correcting Fedor Libya, who came from behind to get the ball and shoot at will. This young Avi Sanchez or Jesus Vallejo, who hardly played, could not explain it in the sin of youth. Marcelo did not do it, one after Solari sent him a public warning, no explanation, no justification.

It was not five minutes when Niknikov doubled the advantage of the Moskva side with a game against that Coutois could not reach after the Belgian corner and forward a shot of Mario Fernandez.

The night had arrived in Madrid. To the public mockery of the former cheerleader, fear was added when Bale, who entered half an hour later, was badly injured in the ankle. The Welshman was frightened by the unwillingness of feet and terror through the stands, because given their history, they saw it until next year. It did not happen to trends. Lame a little, but stayed on the field. Its durability will be questionable, but of commitment. forever.

It was Madrid, with one eye on the weak link and the other on the opposite door, when Arnor Sigurdson finished drowning him with 0-3 outside the area and after the Russian attack with a full left dizziness behind me. And more than anyone else. So bad he would see it solar, in form and game, it did not let him finish. As soon as the third fell, he sat down to send Caravag to court.

Until then, in Bernabeu, there was nothing left but Chloes, the "young class" at the bottom of the south, who was forbidden to leave, and more than 1,500 Russians enjoying a victory. Second in less than six months on Real Madrid, no more and no less.

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