Wednesday , January 20 2021

Regretted that the defense of Juan Dartes, Eva de Dominissi, had supported Thelma Pardine, her former partner in the Ugly Duck,

Thelma Parden and Eva of Madomini They would participate in the children's strip An ugly duckling, Which was a great success. On Tuesday afternoon, at a press conference of the Argentinian collective of Argentinians, Perradin was encouraged to say that she had been raped Juan Darths, Another member of the fiction produced by Del Sor Ideas for El Trece.

"I hug you in the wire @ Suythelmafardin "I want to give you endless thanks to my sister, Maryadomini, who at the age of 18 was the only one in my family, with all her love from the first day, a hand grabbed me and told me that even if it hurt, I would You have to open your eyes … hope for new generations, "he said.

On top of that, on the social network, he shared a video in which Thelma has details that the traumatic event of abuse he suffered when he was 16 years old in Nicaragua, where he filed the complaint against Darthés last week.

Clos Rivero Was the first actress to denounce the actor for disturbing her recordings sweet love. At that moment, Eva went out to support Juan publicly, convinced of his innocence. Then he regretted his behavior and apologized to his colleague. And before the statements of his ex-friend Ugly duckHe explained why he had taken this position.

"I defended a man I trusted a lot. I saw him as a friend, one of those extraordinary friends who always helped me and behaved well with my family with me. At the same time I thought that Kelly was confused by the discomfort of a scene. And because I personally experienced the abuse of force that comes from women (because it also happens), and my family and I felt so much affection for the person who was sentenced to him, I did not believe him, or did not want to believe, "Domini explained.

"But then I found out about other things, about women who suffered from similar situations, Until I found out about Thelma and I called her. I was also part of these trips. I was 12 at the time and my father would ask the same person to take care of me, and he always did it ", He added.

"In a telephone conversation with Thelma I began to cry, my heart broke. Because it was not the person I knew, I felt a huge disappointment, and the responsibility of publicly defending the wrong person came to me " Said Eva in Instagram.

"Here I apologized privately and then publicly I fought hard with a relative who accused me of betraying my friend and said he was sure he could not do something like this, that the girl would drag something. There I understood where my thinking came from. We are all children of the patriarchate who combined us to question the woman first, they brought us a chip from the head, so we accused the women, we could abuse freely, accept ourselves as part of the game, we witches. The patriarchy has killed both women and men, and our brains are rotten. They wanted to distance us and today we are embracing, "he concluded.

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