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Restrictions on sexual content and immerse traffic on Tumblr


One of the geniuses who emphasized Tombler It was freedom in space, Users can publish content without censorship. What he did with the platform, where he wrote and saw some sex was not bad.

However, with the new censorship policy implemented on December 17, the company suffered a significant drop in visits. In a period of thirty days, The platform lost 17% of its visitors.

According to the analysis company Similar, Statistics on the platform were not positive, since it was announced and Remove all elements with high sexual content.

According to data released by the company specializing in early December, Tombler reached 520 million visits, However, on 23 February a Loss of 100 million visitors.

The change in the thumbler occurred after Apple has abandoned its application store to the company's website, Because of the content of child pornography leaked in its contents.

It was the same CEO of Tumblr, D & D Onofrio Call a blog post that after a thorough evaluation, they would remove the mature content due to An impact that can be on young people, Both in demography and culture.

"We thought seriously What we want to be so that our community move forward. We understood that in order to continue to fulfill our promise and our place in culture, especially in its development, we must change, "he wrote.

Apple effect in applications

Like any change, Prohibition of content began gradually, after The disappearance of various applications of Epistore, Tumblr started with explicit sexually explicit content, Except for nursing also known as "artistic nude".

Although There are sites that support pornography, It is well known that Apple strictly terms the sale and distribution of various applications that, they are subject to the company of manzanita.

This means massive disinfection in networks, only being part of the App Store of the iOS system resulting in iPhone users, creating a zone without pornography.

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