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Ricardo Centurión already punished for training with Racing Reserve – 02/12/2019


Ricardo Centurión began to pay his penalty after the public hearing he held on Sunday with Eduardo Cudat: the midfielder began his training week working with the Reserve, having been separated from the top team of racing in the lead coach's invitation.

The actor arrived shortly after 8 am in the possession of Tita Matiussi on the deck of his silver car, and a few minutes later he was ordered by Juan Ramón, a technical crew of the reserves, to be a refugee.

This is the first training session of an amount so far unknown, because neither Codet nor the leadership has indicated whether the sanction for Centurion is final or fleeting, in which case, what its duration will be. The statement of Racing is ambiguous: "The punishment is undefined."

By coach Diego Milito and President Viktor Blanco, the coach dropped the reserve after Sunday, during the second half of the game against the monumental river, discussed with him and pushed just before entering the field instead of Renzo Serbia.

After the game, Kodet refrained from addressing the issue. "I will not talk about the individual things we have to solve internally, but after a game in which nothing will come out," he said when asked.

"Racing is an organized club and if someone puts their feet off the plate, we will respond." We're going to support what I'm deciding, "said Blanco Clarin On Monday, before the decision that had already been made was published.

Look, too

According to the line that Blanco had marked, this morning, a few hours after the victory of Defensa! And Bastia had allowed Florentzio and Arla's team to reach the academy at the end of the Premier League, An allusion message was posted on the Twitter account of the race.

"There is not much left and the best way to reach the goal is to throw them all to the same side, Said Twitt, who was accompanied by a picture in which some players were celebrating the goal. Among them, of course, was not Centurion.

Meanwhile, the team has been focused on the following commitment: On Thursday the Evelanda team should visit the Corinthians in San Pablo for the first round of the Sudarikana freezes.

After training on Tuesday, the players and the coaching staff will have lunch and move to Aziza, where they will travel to Brazil.


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