Thursday , August 18 2022

Rodolfo D. Onofrio arrived in Paraguay to head River's defense after a request for disqualification from Bucca


God Superfinal He moved to my office Conumbol and Rodolfo D'Onofrio Asked to watch the play: River President has already arrived in Paraguay ahead of the meeting that will take place at 10 in Asunción set the future of the definition of Copa Libertadores in front of Boca. They will participate in it Daniel Engel, husband Xeneize, And Alejandro Dominguez, The highest authority of the Confederation of South America, while waiting for the solution of Disciplinary Court, Before the short presented by the Rivera Club request to disqualify the opponent after the events ended eventually on the postponement of the game.

Onofrio Traveled accompanied by Ignacio Villarroel, club secretary, and lawyers Gonzalo Mayo and Alamo Matias. Board of Directors millionaire He wants to honor the commitment signed by two leaders with Conmebol on Saturday afternoon, by postponing the game for Sunday, and that Superclásico is played in a monumental stadium with the public. To this end, River's strategy aims in two directions: to differentiate the Boca's micro attack occurred in 2015 at Bombonera with pepper gas and clarify that the riots occurred outside the appropriate security range for the club.

River will hold before Conmebol that, contrary to what happened in 2015, The attack did not take place in the stadium, but at a distance of 800 meters and outside the security zone that the club has to cover. River also will maintain a position that has no parallel with the pepper spray attack that night the game was played and everything that happened inside the stadium, and now the meeting did not start the riots occurred in eight blocks from the monumental.

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