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Sarmiento suffered a dreadful judgment and remained with nothing against Deportino Medrin


Saraminto was left with a bitter sense of giving everything, and because the football had all the arguments to move forward, but eventually won only 2 to 1 (2-4 in the world) and was removed against Deportivo Madrin, in the duel of the quarterfinals of the Federal Football Tournament played Last night against a good frame at Centenario Stadium.

Luis Silva and Gonzalo Cannat scored the goals of "Dean" and put Matías Birge on a visit.

There was a terrible job of Judge Coria "Cyno" Sosa, who deflected the court systematically and notoriously damaged the Checño team that was abolished and that must return to play the Federal A in the 2019-20 season.

Great pressure

From the start, Saraminto left, determined to strangle Madrin. Pease and Villar always showed when played, Federico Lopez moved well on the left, Kent was unbalanced by right and Silva always worried about rival defense in the area.

The visit was devoted to suffering and pressure on sectors, and also tried on long bullets to seek Perez and Uribe.

A good flooded tease that no one could reach, and some bullets filtered out by the center that were evacuated by the center were an introduction to the first purpose of the "dean," who reached 17 after a big tease. He served so Silva pushes him to the goal of 1 to 0.

From there, Raoul Valdez's team increased the field. He had many approaches and the most obvious action was one in which Fitz calmed down and faked the area and when he was about to hit the target, he hit the back.

After 30, Madrin can breathe. A bit by the permissiveness of the referee Sosa, who let the time run before each kick kick to Nisina and before each player's fall from Chubut, and a little bit that the Gimenez Builder were approved in mid-sentence.

At the end of the stage Sermiento returned to the cargo and was close but was not right at the last pass, before a very close defense.

The work of the judge

In completion, Sarmiento went with everything for the second and soon I got it after a shot Cañete that escaped Lencina and got: 2 to 0.

From there, began the show of a judge who began to collect all divided in favor of the visit and even making extraordinary decisions. In every act of the "Dean" actress returned a ball, a mare confirmed the lack of visitation of the visit; Luis Silba missed a volley shot on a ball coming in from the right post. And so a hundred and one hundred times.

Despite everything, Sarmiento continued to go with the sensational Kawasaki flag as a flag, because he knew that he could not touch or his opponents, dotted with every ball to watch in advance and that allowed his friends. So it was that Sarmiento came third, after the center of the Canat that Silva headed, but assistant Guido Cordova scored an advanced place when the King was on the same line.

The second assistant, Sergey Hugh Perez, has already missed two clear positions in favor of Madrin in the attack. And he did the same at the 35th minute, when Bergs left more than a meter ahead and gave it to Matías Birge, who scored the 2-1.

The people of Sarmiento did not forbid arbitration. Some fans of the popular neighborhood of Spain cut the thread and entered the field. After 19 minutes, the police can provide security and the game continues. Only 10 minutes remained and the match became unauthorized. There was only time to expel Emanuel Cordova, who was strong against his opponent; And a new mistake of mare with a clear punishment for Kent.

It was a defeat in the world of elimination of Sarmiento, who left everything and showed again that he was one of the best teams of the season, but he was deprived to advance by the gross errors of the third referee.

Mariano Candia


Pablo Torresgasti

Pablo Quaves

Emanuel Cordova

Ronald Huth & # 39;

Federico Lopez

Eng & # 39; Eng & # 39;

Claudio Cevasco

Ricardo Villar

Gonzalo Canet

Louis Silva

Sebastian Parra

DT: Raoul Valdez.

DEP. Madrine 1

Pablo Lansina

Matthias Electron

Matiaas is displayed

Maurizio Mansia

Balcario Algoriga

Matías Birge

Fabio Gimenez

Rodrigo is building

Jonathan turned

Franco Perez

Brian Uribe

DT: Jorge Izquierdo.

GoalsLouis Silva (S). 2ST Gonzalo Canat (S); 35ST Matiaas Birge (DM).

Changes: ST Hugo Bergas by B. Uribe (DM); 13 Marcus Perez from R & D; 31ST Facondero Vega by Perez (DM); 59ST Gonzalo Alarcón by R. Villar (S); 59 Maximiliano Gauto by A Pease (S).

morbidity: 35ST The game was delayed by events at the stand; 62ST E. Córdoba (S), ejected.

judge: Jorge Nelson Sosa (Corinths).

Wizards: Sergio Corrientes and Guido Cordova (Concordia).

stadium: Centarario, by Sarmiento.

global: Sarmiento 2-Dep. Madrin

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