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Scandal: Luis Ventura resigned to live for his program – 12/28/2018

Just at 22.13 on Thursday night There was a scandal on Radio Rivadia. Luis Ventura resigned to live on the driving of the program lit, Where he accompanied Adriana Salgueiro, Which is in Mar del Plata in the theater season.

With a speech explaining the reasons, the president of Petra He told his listeners the reasons that led them to end their cycle suddenly. He made a strong defense against the radio authorities and said goodbye.

"I cry because this prestigious house was devastated by a tsunami of criminals. I leave with a dagger in my chest and throat tied, because I can not explain the anger that overwhelms me, "he said in part in his editorial.

Ventura spoke to Clarine

Hours later, in consultation with Clarin, Ventura went on: "The subject is this: The previous management hired me along with Adriana Salgueiro as an independent producer To do the program lit, Which we did for two years. "

"When they finished ten months of contract they called us to tell us they were leaving that radio Issued a bankruptcy order And there was a group that was about to take over.

"To all this The radio workers did not charge, and sometimes they gave them some money With what we have gathered to give them a small hand. "

Luis Ventura and Adriana Salgueiro headed for two years

Luis Ventura and Adriana Salgiero were Iluminado for two years.

"One Day The trustee called me and told me he wanted me to stay and that we were not paying for it And collect our assets from what we have collected. That's how we survived for a year and two months. "

"He always told me to hold on, that something had called us and that was the time. We were producers, announcers and other colleagues, who arrived free of charge for a year and a half"

"Until yesterday Using WhatsApp's audio to one of our producers, They tell him that they gave us a month of grace but that from 2019 we had to pay for space. And they claimed a high value for us, because of the place where we put this track with a lot of effort and the closeness of work. "

"It does not look bad that they want to back up our space, but the way they communicate it to me. As if he were a rat! They were afraid of the return because they knew that with me they were committed to something else. They never let me know again, and they do it for audio from WhatsApp to the producer? "

"Before this rage I called Salgiero (he is in Mar del Plata making the theater season) and I told him what I would do. I took the garbage, hugged and met with the other boys and sent them to ….."

"The faithful promised to inform me of what was going on and thanked me for staying at the station to undress and cherish the station. He told me it was a strong name for the radio but he tells me about WhatsApp that is changing the rules of the game. He behaved like a villain! And the phone no longer answered us. He left us orphans on the edge of life. "

"In my band I sold well the content of my program, and also other guys who paid for space. Because the publicity and guidance of the radio I do not know who requires it or where it goes"

"I want to go through the front door because I'm grateful for the radio, the symbol and the place, the building is shaky. They went through everything: even the disinfectant and toilet paper in the bathroom"

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