Monday , March 8 2021

Security Expert: “If you’re still planning to use WhatsApp, set up these three settings as soon as possible”

Expert Zack Doppman talks about Facebook’s intentions to integrate the WhatsApp platform with those of Messenger and Instagram.

Before the wave of criticism WhatsApp received over updating its latest data-sharing policy with Facebook, thousands of users decided Leave the platform And select other instant messaging services.

However, cyber security expert Zack Doppman claims the service is still secure, although some changes need to be made. “WhatApp can still be used […] However, you need to change that Basic configuration Stay safe, “said the Forbes expert.

Having noted that messages are encrypted from end to end and that only users have access to the appropriate content, the expert states that “The problem is the metadata“Who, when and where in relation to your messages, as well as your contacts and information about your device.”

In this context, Doppman explains that WhatsApp collects much more data than Telegram or iMessage, but very few If compared to other apps like Facebook, Messenger, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. “So unless you avoid those others, WhatsApp is not your biggest problem,” he adds.

Changes to WhatsApp settings

First, the expert recommends avoiding malicious content that you receive through WhatsApp such as unknown links and attachments. It should too Disable option Automatically save pictures received in the phone gallery.

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Next, Doppman warns of the risks that hackers snatch an account through deception. To avoid this, he calls for obtaining the PIN number offered by the Two-step verification On WhatsApp.

Finally, the expert suggests disabling the Backups, Because even though messages are protected when sent, “if you use the WhatsApp option to create a backup copy of your chat history in Apple’s or Google’s cloud, those copies are not protected by that extreme encryption.”

Warning for a major problem

On the other hand, Doppman warns that “there is a much bigger problem in the near future, far worse than anything that has just happened.” In this sense, he referred to Facebook’s intentions to integrate the WhatsApp platform with those of Messenger and Instagram. “The idea is to create Huge errands Interoperability that brings together all of its audiences, ”he said.

According to the expert, this scenario responds to a “difficult reality”, the integration of which may be something “Much more serious” User privacy compared to recent changes.

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