Saturday , January 23 2021

Series that will broadcast their last season

Every story reaches its final point, something we all know in advance. However, it is also inevitable to be fond of the characters of some fiction. In such times, the series is an important part of popular imagination. That is why parting from some shows is not an easy task for your fans.

Next year there will be some TV productions which are definitely retired. Then we mentioned 11 of them, and announced the approximate date for the final chapter.

Play the throneYou The difficult struggle for the throne will end, for better or for worse. While there is complete secrecy surrounding the plot, it is expected that a bloody battle will be waged against the frozen king of the night and his dead and dead army. As promised by HBO, its eighth season will arrive before the middle of 2019. Take a look at its latest display.

Orange is the new blackYou The most popular brothers of television will say goodbye to the audience with their seventh round episodes, as recently approved. There is no doubt that it is one of the best original works of Netflix, in addition to the social-cultural and racial valleys that touch on issues related to women today.

the big BangYou Although it comes to get all kinds of criticism because of the stereotypes it develops; It is one of the most viewed comets of all time and has the following faithful. However, it has already been announced that it will be closed in April and is bringing rumors of pregnancy.

Kimmy SchmidtYou This production starring the absurd and funny sense of humor of Tina Faye will be postponed in January 2019. We know that then will come the remaining seven chapters of the fourth season full of characters as charming as dysfunctional.

Mr. RobotYou Although now Rami Malek is much more known for his role Freddy Mercury in Bohemian rhapsody, The player came to win the sympathy of the followers of this series for several years. Some time ago it was announced that his fourth season would come, which would also be the last.

Goth ifYou A series of action inspired by the Batman universe will end very soon. In fact, a few months ago we shared a picture of Bain and his particular appearance during the last season.

homelandYou As actress Claire Dunes described it a few months ago, the eighth season will close American fiction with its political record. So there are quite intense scenes that will tie the loose ends during the exciting development of this series.

novelYou The dramatic track created by Sara Fresh and Hagai Levy will reach its climax with the fifth chapter of the 10 chapters that will come next year. It is known that the story will occur several decades after the events of the fourth season.

VeepYou The political satire starring the iconic Julia Lewis Dreyfus (Elaine Seinfeld), Was released in 2012 and will leave the air in June 2019, when the seventh episode broadcast episodes. The truth is that this production has already bought the love of his admirers and the number of prizes of "Golden Globes" and my mother.

The Virgin WineYou The romantic comedy created by Snyder Orman will also be postponed next year. So the fiction that fits the telenovela Venezuela in its own way Juana, the Virgin / Will offer a fifth season in a few months, with whom he will retire.

The Amazing World of GambalYou The popular animated cartoon network strip which debuted in 2011 will also come to an end in a few months after six successful payments that have entertained both adults and children. The exact date of his departure, to be held in 2019, has not yet been announced.

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