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"Sincerely," by Woody Allen – 04/27/2019

Sincerely, "is the title of a book published this week, written by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Jaime Durán Barba, a success like everything that Duran Barba does.

Although it does not allow them to win the Nobel Prize for literature, the book is of great value because Helping to understand what the former president thinks, therefore, is invaluable help to Macri and his cracks can overcome this difficult moment They do not know how to get out.

Separate Section: If the books written by Christina are already an editorial event, I do not even want to think about what will happen when their accounts are published.

And if Christina encouraged to publish a book with the title "Sincerely" without blushing, Minister Dujovne has been morally entitled to take his title "I Dujovne, the man who lowered inflation."

Now, when the book quickly became a bestseller, it is only a matter of negotiations with Ex Ala and Durán Barba in the Cinema Rights of "Sincerely" to persuade Woody Allen to adapt and direct him.

Why Woody Allen? The cinema gave very good films with strong elements of political humor. From the "Great Dictator" (1940) by Flynn to Melch Brooks' The History of the World (1981).

However, the film that comes closest to "respectfully" is "Bananas" (1971) by Woody Allen, who tells The funny story of the useless who embark on the adventure of transforming himself into a progressive and false revolutionary of the Republic of Banana. "Sincerely" is "Bananas, Part 2". And no one was better than him to take this new blow to the cinema.

The book is also A thorough guide to what might happen in the CFK case won the election. And an extraordinary way to refute Alberto Fernandez who is roaming around the world explains that Christina is now good because he will not let go of past mistakes and that, eventually returning to power, they do not intend to shoot anyone. Someone should tell Alberto Fernandez that the book expresses the opposite and that The first Christina plans to shoot is him.

According to Christina, and Duran Barba is a morbid writer, Cobos's election as vice president was Alberto Fernandez's fault, the 125th and the crisis with the field was Lustio's fault and the memorandum with Iran was an act of Political diversity Of course, from his chancellor, though he did not name it, because he can no longer defend himself. Of course, of all the rest, the offender is a magician. (Now that I think about it, there are a lot of things to explain to Woody Allen, otherwise the guy will not understand anything).

There are some very interesting passages. For example, when she tells her dialogues with Pope Francis than what many people already knew. Christina and Jaime say textual (posta, posta)"At the first lunch I remember talking about Nestor and I said: Do you know what I think happened between you, Jorge? … because I say Jorge when we speak and not His Holiness and he tells me of course Christina (and not His Majesty, I added, I joked). Then finish: "Deep down, I think Argentina was too small for you." I swear it's written.

It is therefore clear that for Christina, Argentina is a country that falls. In other words, it lacks space or has a lot of people. And as we all know that the Argentine territory is enormous, probably for it there are enough people. More precisely, there are many Argentines who will never vote for it. As far as is known, at least half a country or more. For Ex is "the homeland is the other except those who do not vote for us." The great Duran Barba who put it in writing.

The book has infinity Amazing stories. One of the most false is about the famous interest that she did not give the band and stick to the elected president. Believe it or not, in "Sincerely Ex" she says she felt it An act of surrender. Post calls a friend, I swear he says it and adds textual (posta posta posta): "Moreover, I already imagined how to do it: I took off the band, and next to the stick I produced them gently on the platform of the assembly chair, congratulated him and I retired. "

Without a doubt, this scene goes in the carriage. Enterita It does not matter that it did not happen that way. In fact, what actually happened was much worse: He went to his home in Rio Gallagos, directly and left, planted the whole country and Argentine democracy. But the narrative effects Garpa more to show the scene that she imagined and Durán Barba captured on paper as the gods.

If Woody Allen asks me, I'll see what she says she's going to do, but with the tautest wire. For example, in the middle of the legislative assembly, Christina grabs the command baton, breaks it in half, beats her in the wheelchair, prepares for the band with the presidential orchestra, takes him to Macri's face, turns she does not participate in the forum but without tearing her hair extensions and throwing Them on the head of Liana and Awada.

By the way, the book is missing in the book to express what Xax Allah feels every time she sees Liana on TV. Where Duran was stabbed.

The phrase "We never get poor for any role of public function and less for the presidency of the nation", I do not know if it was not put it directly in the banner of the film. She has a fist.

The same in the film, I was there in the scene where she says the phrase attached to the video of Governor Nestor says that, in an effort, they bought a small plot to build a house in El Calafate. In this way it has more realism, and the influence of Duran is much achieved. The guy is a lion to these things.

(Hello Woody, Search on YouTube, "Kirchner Plot of 270.00 pesos" and if you have any questions look for "Cristina and Nestor Kirchner Growth Millionaire Heritage" and look at what Victor Hugo Morales said in July 2009).

Marketing campaign of the film's premiere almost done. I would arm him with the pictures that many Kirchner leaders got on their social networks where they show themselves passionately reading the book. They highlight the pictures of Cabandié, Saintout, Sabbatella, Meira Mendoza and Insaurralde, among other prominent chupamedias. And what is insurmountable is that of the former governor of Entre Rios, Sergio Orivari, who has photographed himself kissing the book and looking at the camera. A real tribute to the political honor.

If you let me do the trailer of the movie, I would close it with a final scene in which we see Durán Barba enter everything that happens in the office of Dujovne and say: "I've done my part, I do not give anymore. The Argentine people chose to change the end of the neo-fascist gang of fake impostors … (a very short shot on Duran's face) … not to return them. "

Sobreimprime: "SincerelyWoody Allen's film, based on the novel by Christina Kirchner and Jamie Duran Braba. Soon in all the theaters.

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