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So also the prices of naphthas of pumps of the city Santa Fe :: Al Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


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After the sales of YPF and Axion as, gasoline prices remained pumps in the city of Santa Fe

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Since Tuesday, there has been an increase in the values ​​of fuels sold by YPF and Exion across the country, according to company spokespersons. The increase is 5% on average.

The state-run oil company, the Argentine market leader with a 55% market share, joined a decision made Monday by Exion. It was announced that that afternoon could have implemented a similar step.

In the case of YPF, there was an increase of 3.9 percent. Diesel fuel increased by 4.5%. After the increase, the pumps of the city of Santa Fe recorded the following values:

Super-opened $ 45.41

Infinity was opened $ 50.84

Diesel $ 41.24

Infinia Diesel $ 47.56

In Exion, they are as follows:

author $ 47.08

premium $ 52.96

diesel $ 43.09

Euro $ 49.32

The fuel increases are determined by companies based on two variables: the dollar and the price of Brent oil. The currency of the United States rose nearly 9% last week and it closed Monday at $ 45.60 in the retail sector; In contrast, Brent's value rose from $ 67.70 per barrel, at the end of March, to $ 73 today (almost 8%).

However, the oil companies made it clear that the rises were below the dollar's appreciation and the international price of oil, which was not fully transferred to fuel prices.

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