Thursday , July 29 2021

Sony has rejected the multiplayer mode for days gone

[respuesta:12]It seems that, in the news news Xbox One and PC near the news, which was on the days passed, but this in turn, talked about video game World War Z. (And so is the name of the 3 platforms)

But it seems that the first comments, because they thought it was referred to days gone it will be for three, when 3 platforms related to World War Z it will be 3

(Or rather, they do not want it accidentally one of the exclusive stops being by a few hours) was that one that makes the multiplayer of the World War Z was offered to Sony to make it way along them to those of Studio Band on 1 Player

Come on, it was a misunderstanding of the news of users and between deleted notes and others that they left only PS4 to calm the water, despite the fact that the news they talk about two games and the other if it is multi, it would be funny that now they complain to the contrary " It will look like that World War Z comes out just for PS4 ^ U[/respuesta]

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