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Super Dance 2019: Celebrations and returning figurines

Last year, "The Dance" started late (September 3) and lasted a little more than three months. An explicit edition, they said, though now we know that all the chips were set for this 2019, the reason? Marcelo Tinelli wants to celebrate his 30 years on television.

Tomorrow we will finally know what surprises the driver is saving for this edition of "ShowMatch", which starts at 22.30 Go to Trece (in Mendoza you will only see a pay TV) And that this year improved: "Super Dancing"You need to call him. Although taking a quick look at the 16 couples Which will compete, a "super" sign may seem a bit ambitious.

Is it with prestige that gave him three decades of prime time, and Tinley could have been more played in selecting participants. Instead, we have Repeated figurines. Gone are the times when I can call celebrities, if not international, at least an affair: Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson, Lorenzo Lamas and even Le Cicolina.

The play this year Turning to nostalgia and closeness to people. For the first, Revive a sketch of your plan, When her core was humor rather than dancing (which was until 2006, more or less). "VideoMatch" Will be present with "Sports in Memory" and "Figuretti". "The Unbelievable" (Jose Maria Lloretti and Diego Perez) Milan, With one on one side with Wanda Nara. also, Diego Coroll He drove Barcelona For the interview Lionel Messi. And for the second he opens a new section that he calls him "Genii of Argentina", A federal competition that will look for the greatest talents in the whole country (auditions in Mendoza were last year).

Tomorrow will be an official celebration, with all these memories and the special participation of Martin Bossi. The next day, "Super Dance" will start, with Griselda Siciliani as the first participant, along with dancer Nicholas Villalba.

In the jury table, this year they sit Engel de Brito, Pampita, Flor Fania and Marcelo Polino, with Anibal Patz, Flavio Mendoza and Laura Fidelgo To the BAR command. "Genius Argentina" will also be a special jury, established exclusively by singers (although the auditions are intended, at first, for any kind of talent or skill): these are confirmed Pimpinella Lucia and Guakin Galan, Valeria Linz and Patricia Sosa.


1 – Julian Serrano and Sofia Morandi. They were the winners of last year, therefore, the first to be happy. We'll see if the influencers manage to keep the first place. Beyond that, they are one of the crucial presenters of the competition because they help keep the connection of "dancing" with the young audience.

2 – Sicilian Grisalda and Nicholas Villalba. The actress's participation will certainly be interspersed by her ex-references and the feminist demands of the Collectivo de Actres Argentinas, which is one of the faces visible.

Felipe Colombo and Stefania Roitman. The former Aravay participates for the first time in the competition, they say, his interventions will go on the side of humor.

Leticia Bardice and Fernando Bertone. The actress's participation was one of the most recent ones that she said she agreed to participate due to financial problems. The risk is great: Does anyone imagine Birdis dancing?

5. Hernan Pikin and Renee Renaldi. The dancer and wife of Federico Hope will share the track, and if we stick to the history of Piquín, it will be a guarantee of excellence and skill. Also, if you really intend to retire soon, as he said a short time ago, it will be one of the last times we see him dancing.

6 – Flor Vigna and Paco Mezzie. She is known for one of the track and the first thing to ask her will be the details of her separation Nicolás Occhiato.

7. Charlotte Kenigia and Agustin Riera. His presence does not promise much more than eccentricities and jokes.

Federico Bell and Lord Sanchez. After an intense summer with the family playing "back together", returns to the competition again, accompanied by the number one enemy of Lorita Fernandez. Together or separately, they will want to make sparks.

9 – Silvina Escudero and Giovanni Lazzart. The benefits of Silvina Escudero are not much more than being a warrior of historical competition. Who would be angry at this time?

10 – Flor de la Gund Osandiwara. As the "Diversity Couple" of "Dance 2019", your participation will be a lot of imagination, daring and controversy (remember that Flor and Fidelgo have problems with the judge). One of the few interesting innovations of the year.

11 – Luca Salazar and Gonzalo Garber. Lolly had already provoked controversy when he made the comment that this was the first time he had been dancing with a heterosexual partner. Will there be romance?

12 – Sophia Patzano and Dan Breitman. Hannibal, who is in the bar, will bring all the children into his daughter's house. Brightman, however, must have funny interventions.

13 – Florence Torrente and Nacho Saraceni. He has a discreet profile, but the dance will reveal his private life and perhaps his talent. In addition, the daughter of Arkley González will have to go through with the bad noises of Griselda Siciliani, also former of Suar.

14 – Karina "La Princesita" Tejeda and Damian García. There are many expectations for the singer's presence, as he is debutant in the competition. We do not know if he will respect the route, but his sharp tongue (if they remember his move with the Maradona tribe) is guaranteed.

15 – Teacher Godoy and Christian Poons. The presence of the number one tango dancer in the country is a guarantee of one of the things that truly pays off artistically in this competition. As a bonus, he also knows how to fight (I check his possible crosses with Fidalgo).

16 – Lola Latorre and Facundo Insúa. The daughter of Janina and Diego Torre will use the screen to signify presence, if it is not obscured by her mother …


The most notorious is the Jimena Barón, the runner of "Bailando 2018". Even the rumor was that she forbade her boyfriend and her partner, Mauro Chiata, To get back on track. She was responsible for the denial ("That's my boyfriend, it's not my poodle," he says on social networks), but the gossip keeps talking. Another absence, or presence not confirmed so far, is the player's Nico Vasquez. It was widely assumed that he could enter the event, but it was nothing.

Rating question

Besides figuring out how to reformat the format, Tinley should give another fight: that of his rank comes in the tail. This should be done mainly with lower ignition, Many spectators migrated to the flow. Let's review briefly, take the characters Ibope for Capital Greater Buenos Aires: in 2010, The annual average of "ShowMatch" was 29.9 points; In 2011, 27.4; In 2012, 22.2; In 2014, 20.6; In 2015, 20.6; In 2016, 16.9; In 2017, 17.8; In 2018, 13.6 points. This year, Marcelo has the challenge of tracking the worst measurements of his history. Will it work?

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