Friday , May 14 2021

Technology: Ford introduced a baby carriage with autonomous emergency braking

GodThe time to make purchases in the supermarket can be very stressful for parents: one traveled by gondolas looking for different items and calculating prices and expenses, many times they are added to the screams or some tantrums of the baby, which it lends itself to distractions that can become accidents. Attentive to this, inspired by a pre-collision helper who equips some of their products, Ford engineers has developed a stroller equipped with an emergency braking emergency system.

"Many parents are often afraid to go to the supermarket because they are trying to make purchases in the fastest and most efficient way and the kids just want to play, the little ones like to imitate adults and experience their sense of responsibility. "He said. Noted Tanith Carey, an expert growing author of What Does My Child Think? Practical Child Psychology for Modern Parents (What Does My Child Think?

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In the vehicle, pre-collision technology uses a front radar camera to detect cars, pedestrians, cyclists or animals and automatically activates the brakes if the driver does not respond to warnings.In the case of the cart, it has a sensor achieving a similar result, Its detecting people or objects activating the brakes before a possible crash.

This system, which is part of Ford's series of interventions, is added to other Oval brand developments that are aimed not only at the car but also at the parents' daily routine: for some time he introduced the "silent cradle," which uses active noise control technology to prevent or reduce noise External, and the "intelligent bed", which through the adaptation of the maintenance system of the path, ensures that the baby remains in one position overnight.

Right now it's just a prototype, but the important thing is that the technology being developed can be available in the coming years.

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