Tuesday , January 19 2021

Ten are already dead by fire at the police station of Esteban Echeverría

Another man arrested at the Buenos Aires police station of Transradio, Esteban's party and Voria, when a fire broke out on October 25, died on Wednesday.

The number of victim is ten Fernando Argues (33), Who was hospitalized at the Hospital Evita de Lano, and his condition worsened on Tuesday as a result of his injuries.

If he had been in jail he would be charged with crimes of "Illegal possession of drugs for commercialization in real competition with weapons of war, residential violation, attack and opposition to authority", In this case continued UFI 4 of Esteban Echeverría.

After the fact because of his state of health, Argello was given freedom.

After the fire they have already died Carlos Ariel Crovera (25), Was imprisoned in the hospital of Aziza; Juan Carlos Fernandez (31), In Narciso López de Lanús, and Walter Gabriel "Choco" Barrios (21), In Gandolfo de Lomas de Zamora.

In addition, they died Miguel Angel Sanchez (31), A prisoner in a section that he violated a house arrest that he had committed in a robbery case; Elias Soto (20), Prosecuted for "Robbery certified for the use of weapons and weapons possession of war" and Jeremiah Rodriguez Aaron, nicknamed "Jere", who was arrested on grounds for aggravated robbery.

The other victims are Eduardo Ruglio Ocampo (59), Was imprisoned for "aggravated murder"; Jorge Luis Ramirez (30), Which was the cause of "fraud", and Juan Bautista La Barda (59), Which was a request to capture.

The incident took place around 3:30 pm on Thursday, November 15, at the third police station. Esteban Echeverría, located in Camino de Sintura 6080, at a time when there were 27 detainees distributed in three cells.

According to the police and police sources, the imaginary one in Prison No. 1, in which 12 prisoners lived, two prisoners filed the bars of the fence to try to escape.

The policeman warned his superiors, who asked for support, for whom ten mobiles arrived and an operation was set up to prevent leaks from the branch.

According to the spokesmen, although the authorities tried to enter into a dialogue with them, the prisoners, who became angry after being discovered, laid mattresses and blankets on the front door and on the bars of the cell, and at 3.50 they set them on fire.

According to sources, In addition, a battle broke out between those who wanted to ignite the fire and those who did not., When the flames increased, and despite the activity of the volunteer firefighters of the company "9 de Avril", located in the building bordering the police station, spread fire and smoke in all their dungeons.

After the fact, five policemen were released from their duties according to the clerk of the internal auditor of the Ministry of Defense of the province: Deputy Commissioner Jesus David Muñoz, officer Inspector Edith Giselle Juárez, officer subayudante Emilio Adolfo Kenya, Sergeant Daniel Calderon and officer Eric Alexander Blanco, who worked in the unit said.

According to the sources, this is an internal administrative decision, while the criminal law that justice is pursuing continues.

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