Monday , June 27 2022

Tevez has the highest Boca and Gustavo Alfaro believes he put him in the final with Central: Which team thinks about the coach


It's Thursday from 21:10 in the stadium Malvinas Argentina Of Mendoza, Boca will face the prospect of adding his first title this year against Rosario Central for the Argentina Supercup. after Succeed on that stage For the first round of the League Cup against Godoy Cruz, Gustavo Alfaro Evaluation of final versions.

The main innovation on campus is The unloading of Carlos Tevez, Who works with the team after leaving behind a mastectomy in his left knee, which prevented him from being present in the last two commitments Xeneize. God Apache Designed to add his ninth star with the club that saw him born and the coach shuffles the opportunity to include him among eleven.

The players who played before Tomba Last Sunday they worked on one side and those who did not do anything and enjoyed a few minutes on the other hand. So it is Ivan Marcon, Emmanuel Rainoso, Sebastian Villa, Carlos Taves, Mauro Zarat and Dario Benedetto They have shared equipment, although that does not mean they are part of the likely lineup on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Nathan Nandez (Right foot traumatization) does everything to recover from the blow suffered by Mendoza. Uruguay does not want to stay out of this transcendental duel and the coaching team knows it. Therefore, they will wait until the last minute. The second that answered satisfactorily is Marcon, Which carries discomfort in the lower back.

This morning it will be important to know the training that Alfaro will use against harpAfter the morning training at the Pedro Pompilio compound, the delegation Blue and gold Will fly in Aeroparque charter to Cuyo land.

Esteban Andrade; Julio Boparini, Lisandro Lopez, Carlos Iskirdoz, Emanuel Moore will be the five to turn the line of defense. For those they will be added Iván Marcone, Sebastian Villa and Dario Benedetto, with security. If Nandez is optimal, he will have a ninth. Subtract two places for the following names: Tevez, Zarate and Blue Rivero.

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