Thursday , July 29 2021

"The challenge to overcome such a strong team is difficult, but it is our goal," Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel knows that the next season is vital for him. Several factors determine the future and the German need. During the 2018 championship, Seb made many mistakes on a car that in some sections of the tournament was much stronger than Mercedes Hamilton himself.

but Formula 1 does not forgive mistakes and does not give you any margin for error. For this reason, among other things, English remained with a new title when the odds were to spread.

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And Tal puts his mistake in Hawkenheim. At home he could not snuggle in front of his audience and took away Ferrari the chance to win I already had it in my pocket. Sebastian takes responsibility for the responsibility that comes with being responsible for the mistake. But he also knows that the team had ups and downs throughout the year.

"I think we need a stronger package in the car, this year we had races where we had strong races, but there were also races where we were not strong at all, we were not fast enough, lack of speed, and I think we miss something more speed, Difficult motivation to take the last step is where ", Promised Vettel.

The German understands that there is more speed and power can be two factors determine to disguise any strange or strange mistake. "I think we have the people and the resources needed, the main thing is to get the most out of our package, improve the internal work of the team and make sure we have a stronger package and a stronger team for the future"

Four times the world champion knows that the next will be a year of high pressure and a tiny margin in his confidence. "It's obvious that Hamilton has been keen and amazing in the last five years or since he has reached F1 so far, Mercedes and I are doing really good work as a team, the challenge to overcome such a strong team is difficult, but this is our goal, we know where we want to go, A lot of work to do, a lot to learn from the year, we had 21 races, and in short, we were not strong enough, because we could not come up with options until the last race " Final Vettel

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