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The county begins the flu vaccination campaign on Monday


Santa Fe Health Minister Andrea Aveldi confirmed fortune Announced that on Monday, April 22, the winter vaccination program, including the items confirmed last Friday with flu doses, will begin to reach the vaccination program.

"The influenza vaccine program will begin after Easter began on Monday, October 22, in all public health centers and hospitals," confirmed the Minister of Health, Uboldi.

Adults will have 83440 doses of adult flu and 42560 doses for children. It should be borne in mind that the vulnerable population that can be vaccinated free of charge in the mechanisms is between 6 months and 2 years, in pregnancy, in pregnancy and at age 65 and over. All members of the medical staff and immunosuppression patients, for example, with heart disease, lung problems, diabetes and kidney failure or genetic problems.

Through an agreement with the pharmacies that Fami serves, people aged 65 and older can also receive the flu vaccine.

The district repeatedly demanded that the nation keep the vaccines. He did so in meetings with the Federal Health Council (box) and through various comments.

"Last Friday, anti-group vaccines, rotibiruses, combined three-cell bacteria (for children under the age of 11 and pregnancy) and something against varicose veins were present, but in quantities that are insufficient to cover the diary," Oboldi said.

"If a person needs to vaccinate an 11-year-old boy today, he needs three vaccines: against maningococcus, which is suspended, the HPV vaccine we did not have, and now we do not have the required amount, and the triple drug, , So that the immunization program for children aged 11 was very limited, because we did not have the vaccines. "

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