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The creators of Left 4 Dead are announcing a return to Blood 4, their new common game of zombies

The creators left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock, They offer us New video game She shares many of the characteristics of her star game, even in her name, which also has 4 on the cover.

It's about back to Blood 4, a cooperative zombie shooter. it sounds? Yes, the proposal is identical to that of the well-known Fourth Left. Ten years after the release of Left 4 Dead 2, a lot has been expected to launch in the third installment that never came.

On the contrary, Turtle Rock has embarked on a new project with a similar proposition – a collaborative online game against monsters – with the peculiarity that a fifth player controls a huge enemy animal with its own abilities. It would have evolved. Despite how good it sounds on paper, develop It ends up crashing loudly. Now, four years after Evolve's release, his creators announce that "Back 4 Blood", which although not left-handed 4 Dead 3, can soothe the passion of his followers who are left without it.

Little we know about this project where Rock Turtle works together The Warner Brothers. The only data that went up, beyond that A cooperative shooter where you have to kill hours of zombies, Is that it will also be a competitive online multiplayer. They also promise that, despite co-elmentos with the Dead Left 4, his new game will assume evolution.

Turtle Rock

We have not shown any picture, trailer or logo, but we assume that the game takes time in development, keeping in mind that Evolve left in 2015 and have not returned to launch a game since.

It is not known when back 4 blood will arrive, just that it will be PS4, Xbox One and PC And next-generation consoles. If you like zombie games you want to know that days gone is the center of the controversy about including kids and zombies that we can kill. And if you are curious to know how was the last game of Rock Turtle we are leaving our analysis to evolve.

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