Tuesday , January 19 2021

The details of the exotic experience of "nacho" Sakoku plays for the eye, a possible rival of the River World Cup Club

He was already a champion with Newell, experienced in Mexican football (Pumas and Toluca) and became a figure in Greek football with AEK Athens. And in front of the 2011/2012 season, Ignacio Scocco decided to assemble the suitcases and try his luck in the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, for some naïve fanatic, the talented river pioneer defended for a season The colors to an eye, The team who debuted at the World Cup Club with a penalty win is a potential opponent of millionaire In the semifinals of the competition.

Al Ain or Father of the Bay It is considered "Real Madrid" of your country. Despite his strength, he had ten years of drought without winning the championship… Until "nachu" came. That year they turned around and Skunk broke nets. The Mossad's interlocutors were very convinced of their potential when they searched for him in Greece and he restored all faith in shouting.

So it was the obsession of the owners of Al Ain to receive their services, so as not to interfere with the vacation of the indigenous player of Hughes, flew especially to Argentina during the break to testify about his medical examination. They immediately returned to their country.

Skuku moved with his family and was best received. Among other things, during weekends "Lancashire was a hotel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Cities with characteristics more similar to those of the West. It was fresh air to rest from the rooted practices of Al Ain, where women are forced to go to public places with the Feast (veil covering the head and chest). And they were there About 150 km, A distance similar to that between his Hughes and Rosario.

Another detail that drew the attention of the Skuku family and those close to it was Countless arrests of activities to pray. Upon his arrival, he celebrated Ramadan, where Muslims tend to fast until the sun sets. It changes the daily tasks and even the training schedules.

Even during the negotiations to employ the Argentinian tip, executives asked for a few minutes to practice their faith.

"Netz" was born in the hot and humid Santa Fe, but the amazing temperature of the Emirates surprised him. for 54 degrees Celsius, A class headed by Romanian Kuzmin Olaroiu was practicing at night shift. And the schools' training environment was full Fans with water sprinklers.

Oil remains above and seductive and sold at a "gift" price. For this reason, it was a common currency in parking lots near the fields Cars will run running with maximum air conditioning So that they were fresh on the return of each husband.

Such was a union formed between Skuku and the leaders of Al Ain, which when he asked to be released back to Newell, headed by Gardo Martino in mid-2012, offered no objections and agreed on the numbers.

Fate wanted him to go to Noñez, who won Copa libertadoras and returned to the stadium Haza ben Zaid, The headquarters of Mundialito where the river will seek glory. Marcelo Gallardo's painting will be screened there, which appreciates giving the soccer minutes "Nacho" a full recovery from his injury. El Al will be a preferred treatment for Skuku. And there is no doubt that if millionaire This is classified as final, it will be its own fans.

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