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The doctor who performed physical and psychological expertise on Thelma Parden in Nicaragua speaks – 12/12/2018

He made it in front of the video camera # MiráCómoNosPonemos and he shocked the country. But before, exactly, on December 4, he said this before the judge of Nicaragua. Actress Thelma Ferdinand publicly and lawfully condemned how Juan Dartas raped her during the tour of teen fiction Patitou Pau, When she was 16 years old

They have spent 9 years since May 17, 2009. According to their voice – and a legal reporter – that day, after a performance, The player took advantage of the fact that the card was demagnetized And invited her to come to her room at the Holiday Inn.

But in legal matters, not just talking bodies. Like Thelma herself, her body and gestures can speak almost ten years later.

Although "not always" and that he was a minor, he said he threw her on the bed, ran the shark, had oral sex, and a room.

Clarin He had a brief interview from Nicaragua with Humberto Pulido, director of criminal clinics at the Managua Institute of Forensic Medicine. Fardín went there to undergo psychiatric expertise – in this country they call it "psychological evaluation" – and physics that can determine whether, as an expert, information has "Causal link between the psychological damage and the reported affair".

The expert assured the newspaper that the results have not yet been handed over to the Special Sexual Violence Crimes Unit (UECVG) in that country. Is still missing because the actress sends the expert psychologist "the requested additional information". To protect it, the details of what is left to conclude that the expertise will not be revealed. But he promised that "It can not be ruled out that Thelma should return" to Nicaragua for another interview.

"We do not judge, we are experts, we can not talk about rape, we bring to justice the truth from science, they put the name into crime, even though we have the full results of physical assessment, we have only the partial psychologist. The final report to the Interior Ministry, "says Pulido.

As soon as DA, Marin Del Carmen, Rivera Escoto, received a message from Telema, she asked for both skills in an "emergency" manner. However, he clarified in the text what he was looking for in the results. One of these reactions from the physical is if there are injuries in your genital area and paragenital of "old data".

In this context, Polido makes it clear that "genital lesions that occurred a decade ago can not be determined today," but from the criminal law "a virgin membrane of more than 10 days is an old break." The injuries that later appear in those days are & # 39; old data & # 39; This can be verified by following the expertise. "

From psychoterometry, The plaintiff requested that in addition to determining "damage to the fish", To specify "the treatment it requires." Also, if there is a mental illness exists that May 17, 2009.

After the end result of both skills is transferred to Rivera Ascoto, The proof of the complaint will be her greatest sustenance. And as Polido said, the judge would read what Thelma was when he was 16, and the only adult player he was on the tour invited her to go to his room until his card was attached again to the magnet.

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