Saturday , October 16 2021

The dollar rose 24 cents to $ 37.21 and recorded its third consecutive advance

The dollar will rise 24 cents this Wednesday $ 37.21 And records the third consecutive progress in banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average of It happens in the wheel where the market will be attentive to the tender of the 175-day Letes opened by Finance on Tuesday at 10 and ending today at 15.

In harmony with Single Single Free Market (MLCC), The currency earns 15 cents a $ 36.20 And moved further from the lower band (currently at $ 35.47).

In the informal market, meanwhile, the Blue Opera is stable $ 36, According to a survey of this medium in the caves of downtown Buenos Aires. "Counting with elimination" yesterday rose 70 cents to $ 36.14.

It should be borne in mind that on Tuesday, in a round in which the central bank confirmed the new lows of the Lalyq rate, in addition to the external scenario of the depreciation of emerging currencies, the green dollar jumped 55 cents to $ 36.97 And scored his second advance in a row.

He went inside Wholesale segment, Where the currency rose 47 cents exceeded $ 36, a record not released since the last week of October, to close at $ 36.05. This way, he took off from the lower discount band (currently at $ 35.44).

The rise in the dollar on the domestic market has coincided with the progress of the US currency in the region, keeping in mind that it is estimated in Brazil 1.5%; 0.8% in Mexico and 0.7% in Chile. "

Meanwhile, BCRA made an auction of liquidity letters (Leliq) in 8 days and validated the seventh consecutive cut rate, which has been running at 65%. This is the lowest mark since the monetary authority implements the new monetary system six weeks ago.

The amount awarded was $ 73,420 million. The average court rate was 65.044% (Monday was 65.72%), with the highest award of 65.20% (compared to 66% from the previous day).

It should be noted that the Ministry of Finance receives from yesterday on 10 and until today at 15, offers proposals of treasury bills in dollars in 175 days.

• Dollar in the world

The euro fell below $ 1.13 on Wednesday after Italy submitted its budget proposal for next year to the European Commission.

The major currencies are traded in tight ranges, with the dollar falling from a maximum of 16 months when investors gained.

The dollar index, which measures the performance of the dollar versus six other major currencies, acted on Wednesday at 97.201, down 0.1%. The index reached a maximum of 16 months of 97.69 on Monday.

Taurus: Other markets

In the money market between banks, "money call" was activated on an average of 60%.

In ROFEX, $ 567 million were activated, of which more than 50% was agreed between November and December at $ 37.20 and $ 38.66; With rates of 66.49% and 55.05% TNA. ROFEX futures showed an average increase of more than $ 0.50; Validates the rise of the place, which rose 0.47 cents.

On the other hand, BCRA reserves fell by $ 65 million to $ 52,923 million.

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