Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Dollar Today: The currency is trading slightly higher

The dollar is negotiating on Thursday morning $ 38.70 In Banco Nación, with an increase of 20 cents.

The wholesale currency advanced 21 cents to $ 37.80.

On Wednesday, the dollar remained stable, in line with the better external climate that infected Argentine assets.

The wholesale exchange rate closed at $ 37.59 on Wednesday, down 22 cents. The card was sold at an average price of $ 38.62 to the banks.

On Wednesday, the Treasury reported that it resumed 77% of the redemption maturities of the Letras in dollars (Letes) that ripened this week, by placing U $ s850 million of these devices in 196 days, with a nominal rate of 4.75 percent. The rate of renewals was above average for the past few months.

The Maruel surged 0.45% on Wednesday, and Argentinian bonds rallied in the context of global increases, amid trade tensions between the US and China.

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