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The escort's life was executed as part of a mafia that worsened the violence in Rosario – 12/12/2018

On Facebook he has alternative family photos with others in which he displays anomalies, luxuries, threatening poses and even an image of some of his references: the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar or the fictional mafioso Tony Montana, who plays the film "Scar". Lucio Maldonado was an imprecise activity, although the investigators had something clear: he was always connected to the dark world of crime. Its end, for many, was announced.

On November 10 he disappeared when he visited friends. His body appeared three days later in an open field near the casino in Rosario, in the south. His hands were tied, three shots in the body – one on the back of her neck – and he controlled the clothes he saw: "With the mafia, do not fuck". It is not clear if he is answering, too. The murder returned to the center of the violence scene in the city that was registered An increase in the number of murders after five years of decline.

Maldonado appeared in social networks with various weapons and ammunition.

Maldonado appeared in social networks with various weapons and ammunition.

Maldonado was 37 years old. Your links with friends The band "Los Monos" They slip in various investigations. However, Esteban Alvarado, a man convicted of stealing luxury cars identified as another one of the players in the drug business in Santa Fe, remains a refugee because of his death.

The name of Alvarado appeared in the last hours, after the attacks against the two seats of the judicial power of Rosary. "With the Mafia, you do not get fucked. Ate: Esteban Alvarado ", Said a sign found by employees of the Criminal Justice Center. However, the main hypothesis is that behind the attacks was the hand of Los Monos, who would show their dissatisfaction with the trials received last week.

According to the researchers, Mladondo had connections with some of the heaviest in the city. He was a lender capable of performing other tasks such as money laundering or arms supply. The money he earned was invested in property and even in commerce. In the past I had cumulative reasons Threats, extortion, injuries, abuse and illegal use of firearms.

In social networks double the images which he saw with machine guns, pistols and boxes with ammunition. Tables full of weapons. Even your youngest son is shown with one. "It tastes like a father, Say the text accompanying the image.

The portrait with luxury cars is also common. Researchers believe that they were part of the work to convert the money of criminal groups. This, they estimate the judge, can trigger its termination in Fake business Maybe Alvarado is pushing. Portraits in Bokoli landscapes, with Lots of money, drinks and expensive jewelry They try to show it happy, successful, but above all scary. On the day he disappeared he was alone and helpless.

Another weapon that Maldonado showed on his social networks.

Another weapon that Maldonado showed on his social networks.

He told his relatives that he was going to have a barbecue in the Godoy neighborhood, in the south-west area of ​​Rosario. He lives in Tablada, one of the neighborhoods that crosses the Narco conflict. Amazingly, hours later, his Chevrolet Cruze was parked in front of his house, as Maldonado had always done. But he did not show up. The family tried to contact him on the phone, but The cell phone never answered.

They found it three days later in an open field, full of spikes, near the neighborhood of Las Flores, where the power of "Los Monos" was born and raised.

Despite the fact that the message written on a dangerous carton next to the body is similar to that which was thrown after other shootings against judges, chapters related to the Qantara tribe, the elements that the researchers agreed to point out in another direction. "(Alvarado) Can be proactive or can be a participant. What we know is that he has a part in the murder, "said prosecutor Matías Edery.

The survey of the cameras and the route of the GPS car of Maldonado allowed to determine that before the victim was killed was at Alvarado, in the open neighborhood of the city of Piñero, in the southeast of Gran Rosario.

When the researchers searched for the address, they found a documentation linked to 14 houses. One of them was the current owner of Javier Mau, a commissioner who worked as a manager Head of second intelligence of dangerous drugs Of the investigation police, and that after he knew that this information had been separated from his post.

The work is done to determine whether alvaro and stroke They had an old relationship. The alleged link was alerted to his superiors, in 2013, by police Gustavo "Exile" Pereira. This Inspector Inspector was investigating the players of the Narco business, but was taken to trial for his alleged collaboration with "Los Monos", although he is finally acquitted.

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