Monday , April 12 2021

The evacuation of 2,000 workers from the Banco Galicia building to the threat of a bomb

Tuesday was a day of threats and false alarms. In the afternoon, a massive evacuation of the Alvarez hospital and the San Martin train was carried out to the Banco Galicia building in the center of the city center.

According to evidence revealed on the meter of proceedings from Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada, Police managed to evacuate more than 2,000 bank employees in less than 20 minutes. "This is the first time that this has been done, we respect the evacuation protocols and acted according to the instructions of the evacuation leaders"Said one of the employees, who waited at the door of a 20-story tower to complete the inspection and return to work.

Earlier, a false alert to a suspicious package found at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires caused concern and concern, days before the start of the G20 summit in Argentina.

The Explosives Division published a project in a building located on Columbia Boulevard at 4,300 and its environs very early, after detecting an unknown attack during a routine inspection. Finally, after the work of experts, the recognition was negative and official sources reported that it was a false alarm: the device was a dichroic lamp in poor condition.

Before the threat, the first measure was to evacuate the people waiting to make the visa process outside the diplomatic headquarters. After 9 pm, the embassy returned to normal.

At 9.40, the waiting rooms and the guard's General Hospital of Dr. Teodoro Alvarez, In the Buenos Aires suburb of Flores, were evacuated before a conversation that warned of the presence of explosives.

It all started at the hospital in the hospital, located in Dr. Juan Felipe Aranguren 2701, where a call was received warning about the presence of a bomb in the public health center Immediately arrived the members of the city police squad, and after the tasks of checking the building, Was found to be a lie, and the center and the health center were released.

"This morning we recruited several teams after a threat of a bomb in the hospital, and at first we evacuated the waiting rooms and the guard, and members of the explosives division checked the building", Explained the owner of it Alberto Karsenty.

After 13 hours, a second bomb threat was recorded at the Alvarez hospital, which forced a second evacuation of medical personnel, administration and patients.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of Tuesday, the San Martin railway service was stopped after two pomegranates were found in workshops at Buenos Aires Buenos Aires party, later found to be inoperable, reporting Argentine operations trains. "We returned the train service an hour ago, with its usual route to Villa del Park after the federal police pulled out the grenades found under one of the", Officials of the state company announced.

When the workshop staff read and reviewed the training to begin the day, they found a bag containing two grenades. Immediately, the train crew called 911 and within minutes the explosive unit cleared the site and after removing the devices they confirmed that the grenades were out of date.

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