Thursday , May 13 2021

The fuel increase will be between 5% and 10%

In the turbulent days of the dollar and the ongoing rise in the crude oil barrel, speculations continue to determine what percentage of the rise will be, for which a floor of 5% is estimated and a ceiling of 10%. .

Among the variables to analyze, the most depressing for the user is the leaders of automated cameras indicate that there is a delay in what price for what happened this month, which is expected to rise close to 10 percent but YPF that controls most of the market marked the course and rejected the percentage.

The rise in fuel will begin to be implemented in the coming days and they calculate that floor rise will not be less than 5%.

Of the oil companies operating in the province, the first booty rose with a frightening 9%, but the country, which recorded an increase of 3.9%, returned on its steps and finally a plateau of 4.5% was added on the plates.

"In March the dollar went from 36 to 40 pesos and the barrel of oil jumped from 64 to 74 dollars," said President of the Bureau of Eco of fuel expenders, Oscar Genoa, to mark the general condition of the sector.

"With what the dollar has grown yesterday prices should be above 10% but what we all assume is that the government will push for a not so high rise or at least let it be more than an increase in a month," the leader said.


Another issue that is not minor is that, as happens in the days leading up to each tumor, long lines are formed with the intention of increasing the avoidance of immigration. This situation is further added that in the coming days it will be the national strike, and Monday will be a holiday, so there will be less activity compared to normal days. "We believe that oil companies will take precautions, palliative, but it is convenient that the user take predictions that some fairies can be without fuel," he said.

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