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The glorious life and tragic end of "Folomo" Osuriga, the top scorer who fell in love with Indifandante


The clock marks the 20 neighborhoods in the neighborhood on October 12. On the floor there are pools of blood, letters dotted by an angry red body, scary faces in the streets and the smell of gunpowder invades the nasal cavity. The thirteen bullets that emitted the 9 mm were echoed in the narrow cobblestone east of Kali. Albiro Osuriga Fight for your life; The "Palomo" provides the latest efforts. A Snap of Assassins On the deck of a motorcycle has just finished the story of one of the most exotic players, because Argentine football was in the 90s.

15 years ago, the striker had to have some matches with his shirt Independent In order to leave an immediate mark, he played cards and dominos with his friends in this neighborhood – born and never let go – from narrow streets, facades of plaster and brick mixtures and thick things. Alviero was Until it is not clear Of adjusting accounts; or maybe A criminal Of the gang area had to do with a woman who had once been his partner. The phone was not too clear, though it did not matter. Three days later he was forced Travel to Japan Live the latest sports experience in his 37 years old. They did not let him fly for the last time.

"He was very loved and respected, he was not an Independent, he belonged to everyone, he was an idol. The children came to see the Palomos! It was an impressive thing, "recalled Miguel Brindisi, his coach, about this man who wore his red shirt for the first time in March 1994 against River and accumulated 63 appearances, 20 goals and three titles in two periods of Evelanda.

His 1.92-meter body with the movements of an amazingly coordinated organization captured the demanding red people. Extravagant on and off field, had a dream from the day he was forced as a kid to try on football even though he thought to be a basketball player: "I wanted to be the gate of El Gráfico de Buenos Aires", Told a childhood friend in the documentary "La Jaula del Palomo" which first appeared in recent days. He met in August 1994 when he had outstanding performance at 4-0 at Benfield leaving the "Red" step away from the title. The statistics will note that on the same day he scored a goal and gave two assists, but opponents know that the same day "Palomo" was lit. "The Colombian Osoriga was a", Prayed the decline of this cover.

Statistics may be unfair in Argentina. They do not reflect the heritage he sowed. His accomplishments were combined with his way of dealing with the ball and his style outside the field. Refined with the ball, with eccentric hair and a strange look, Usuriga is the point of comparison for every Colombian raider in particular – who arrived at Independiente after his stay. No one could cover his place.

Disgusting Colombia He had players like Valderrama, Rincón, Asprilla and Valencia, who made his mark by scoring the only goal of Repechaje against Israel that had qualified his country for the second time in history the world. Matorna, however, did not summon him to Italy 1990 And that created a crack that the newspaper defined week In those months: "Despite his Hard character And this The steam rose slightly, A large number of sports commentators agreed that it should be read "Palomo", even if it was a substitute that at any moment it can be the group's savings card, as has already been proved on several occasions.

He left the America of Cali, but also moved to Dulpres Tolima, Cúcuta, Atlético Nacional, Bucaramanga and Millonarios. He got into his land. It was hard to understand this in the football world. One of a series. "Do you know how I learned to drive?" I bought my car and asked who had sold it to me, which one was the first., He said on the truck that hit both blocks.

He never left his neighborhood, it hurt to be away. I gave clothes To the neighbors of October 12 I paid for studies Of some young people. Everyone knew Osriaga was coming to the training camp, because the pace was accelerating speakers His van was heard a few blocks away. Some Motorcycles On your side and others Hanging boys Of the vehicle completed the scene. "Journalism in Columbia when I leave coaching instead of doing an interview They walk behind one. they More than earrings of football"He summed it up himself.

One afternoon he was chosen as one of his first professional meetings. The prize was Changing clothes At the well-known Colombian clothing. He went because he did not have the money to take the bus. His eyes opened like two flashlights when he arrived. He wanted the pure white suit that glistened in the stained-glass window. "Here comes Palomo!", His friends yelled at him when he appeared with his new soccer outfit without knowing they were making a trademark.

"Here I feel at home", Confirmed during his double shift by Evelanda (94/95 – 96/97) a man who swore to a friend who was to leave only a dead neighborhood that saw him be born. He still continues to ponder rivals in the field Double Shield In what was one of his best goals – Germain Burgos – with an Indifandante shirt before Peru. Even its short coupling and pure speed steps are tattooed in the memory of soccer fans. The climax reached him in 1994, when he was chosen as part The best team in America Along with his colleagues Sebastien Rambert and Gustavo Lopez.

His legacy also remained behind me Extra speed, Parties, Alcohol And the controversy with Drugs. The problems haunted him; He did not want or did not know how to avoid them. In 1997, everything exploded: In the urine analysis they did, they found samples of cocaine. He received a severe sanction two years Unable to play. He changed his phone numbers, he retired to his Cali neighborhood and sank into deep depression only accompanied by his newborn daughter Lady Daiana. His lawyer, Fernando Orlando, had to communicate with him through the agent. "He is not an ordinary consumer, but an experimenter", The lawyer explained in statements of that year, that he also expressed to the judge. "Albeiro is a casual consumer, he is not addicted to drugs, I can prove it: he played in Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina, he always went negative in tests, so one can not say he is a drug addict. 10 years ", reinforced the idea of ​​his representative Vázquez in a note with time Of Colombia.

He appeared again at the age of two with short hair and blond dyed Argentine tournament A with a general shirt Peugeot de Córdoba. "We all made mistakes. I've never been addictedIt was a problem I had. It was the desire to try And I just got the control against drug abuse. It was the only time I consumed. I did not feel support, but Maradona, Kenigia, the "Gavison" Rugari helped me, "he told the paper. Olé At the beginning of the new millennium. His history was Two prison terms In Colombia during those most turbulent years, they attacked a policeman and bought a motorcycle for $ 3,000. The two offenses were released, allowing him to escape prison.

He glinted up with those of Cordoba, also of one All the boys /. He had a short period of time in Sporito Luccino of Paraguay – who added statistics to his extensive career in Malaga, Nacasse, Barcelona de Guayaquil and Santos – before finally showing off at Caravo, Venezuela, already in the epilogue of his career.

to 37 years old He collapsed on the ground of this gang on a corner of Calais 52 y Carrera. He did not get up again. Promise Phone threat His family had developed in the previous hours. The violence caused more violence and their killers were killed, died or ended in jail. It was followed by a party: a The crowd stormed the cathedral Pure music and transferred him to the Culinary Metropolitan of Cali as this goddess, different, incomprehensible, and imperfect.

The calendar marks February 12, 2004. Coincidence of fate. "Pato" Pastoriza asks Independiente to reissue the historic salute with arms to heaven after decades without making it back to Libertadores Coupe against Cienciano. From the stands one walks back almost ten years of hearing for the last time. "Usuriga, Usuriga", Beats Double Shield As if it were a regiment of trumpets accompanying the immortal opening of that man with a broad smile that had played his last card against fate the night before.

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