Saturday , November 27 2021

The goal hug! The sweet gesture of the cat with her son


On 14 of the Superliga Argentina de Pebble, Estudiantes and Lanus tied in the afternoon 1-1 on the court of Quilmes. Gastón Fernández fue the author of the first goal in the first half and Lautaro Acosta tied him to visit. Beyond equality, he dreamed of a "cat" in the afternoon: Was the figure of the meeting, was bound for 200 games with the shirt of Finch and also produced his son's debut as an achievement.

In the game preview, Footballer was recognized with platelets Delivered by the director, Leandro Desábato, and with a T-shirt commemorating 200 collates that filled with the lion's clothes. Mathias Sanchez, who reached 100 games, was recognized.

The game started bubbling from one moment. It is so that the clock is marked at the same time when Fernandez received a three-quarters ball of the court and from the door of the area he took the right hand against the left-impossible post for Matías Ibáñez. The court exploded La Geta shouted it along with his son Lautaro, who plays the inferiority of Pinchas and was one of the attacking players pm. He ran, picked it up and gave him a kiss that calmed the crowd and the spectators. Lautaro Fernandez is 11 years old and plays in the club's ninth division.

The emotions were experienced in the first half, at a minute by Fernandez that laid down those led by Zubeldía. 7 minutes into the match, the visiting team took the lead, Laucha Acosta finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick. They both promised a good game, and although there were clear states of purpose, the evil goal determined parity.

In their charge, Estudiantes was superior to the opponent, but did not know how to take advantage of it and left the way three points very expensive. With this equality, He reached 17 units. Meanwhile, Grant reached Line 12.

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