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The government assumes the upward trend in the index that Makri sought to prioritize – 12/13/2018

Mauricio Macri guided him, even promoted him publicly The number and trend cause an effect At the beginning of the campaign. The exchange-rate crisis with inflation and the recession led to a marked increase in poverty, which was expressed in the UCA social debt observatory, the official measurement coefficient for INDEC, which will be known in March. Asked the President That its management be judged by this indicator, And officials do not convey good perspectives for the remainder of the Mandate. The role since a few weeks ago is to avoid predictions, although beyond that the Casa Rosada has already resigned to not be able to show positive figures.

In contrast to the INDEC index, which measures the semesters, the UCA data correspond to the third quarter of the year, according to the government's position on the stage Greater loss of purchasing power of wages Because of the jump in inflation and the decline in income, some of the effects of the economic tembladeral that precipitated in April.

"here he is The entire effect of depreciation, with the transition to prices And without an increase in wages, plus all the components of the informal sectors, "he said Clarin A senior official. In the government they investigated the measurement of the social observatory "They thought it was" biased "– although they will remain in the private sector: "The fund is implemented in the semester and the INDEC frees more households, but we Never We pay To UCA"

Makramo prefers to avoid one of the confrontations to which the Kirchneria occasionally climbs. At that time, the Poskim that had later gathered changed, pondered the numbers of the Observatory directed by Agustín Sage. In this case, UCA Advanced the previous new measurement Government officials.

Beyond the evasion of the forecasts at Casa Rosada, they insisted that in the coming months there would be a drop in inflation and that wages would recover Part of the loss With corrections or new paritarias. And in March will begin to notice an improvement in economic activity.

Rise in poverty Will not, for the time being, provide additional means of assistance For those already planned or the use of "protect" is described in the agreement with the IMF, a group of additional funds in case the social indicators worsen, as is the case.

"Basically, no, we're working, this is a picture (for UCA data for the third quarter) and we are We are already reacting to this reality"Said a senior office headed by Carolina Stanley.This option is always available, but the social investment is included in the budget, which in 60% corresponds to the benefits of ANSeS," in line with the same body headed by Emilio Basavilbaso.

Makri announced two bonds in September – one of $ 1,200 a month and the other of $ 1,500 in December – for AUH beneficiaries. On INDEC, poverty rose to 27.3 in the first half of the year and 4.9% to poor.

This measurement included the first quarter still with growth and another three months already with a crisis. "Indicators March and September They will also see withdrawals"Said the president at the same time, which registered the increase of social programs, Argentine credits, caring prices in the market in your neighborhood as other means of assistance.

Maria Eugenia Vidal strengthened the province of Buenos Aires Helps vulnerable sectors and distributes food In the dining rooms. The goal is to contain a larger increase in poverty, no one is encouraging to pass the expectation to a low.

"If, when my administration ends, the poverty will not fall, I fail ", Macri set the priority of the evaluation of his government. "It's a negative situation We are not going to deny. She never ceased to be the target, but we knew that by income, in this economic context, poverty would increase, "the minister suggested.

At one point, the government examined progress in a multidimensional index, but it will not be implemented until at least 2020.

Perhaps in advance of what will be part of the campaign speech, at Casa Rosada runs horizon in terms of point of view results: "We work with Structural measures in the medium and long term It will make it more meaningful when it goes down. "They presented programs for preschoolers, education, sewage machinery, urban integration, job training and greater presence with the state in your neighborhood, among others. A failed aspiration of the 2015 promises.

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