Thursday , July 29 2021

The impressive numbers of epic games, the creators of Fortnite successful

Certainly, you need to dedicate yourself to video games that those who manage to develop one and make it massive, will achieve profits and serials I have never seen in the industry because on the hand of technology, there seems to be no ceiling. And if things do not go well enough Epic Games – Creedor One of the most common graphics engines in the video game industry, the Unreal Engine- Portnit This led to $ 3 billion in profits.

Although the data that the company has handled for several years have been huge, this new report – carried out by Tech Ground – was breaking all the records seen so far in Epic Games. Financing of $ 1.25 billion that the entity obtained in October which allowed it to increase the value of the entire company to 15 million, the professional portal details

In 2012, Tencent – the Chinese company of millions of dollars owned by Riot Games, among others – acquired 40 percent of the company for $ 330 million. Currently the same percentage, given that the value of the company is around 15 billion, will be around 6 billion USD, an increase that has made it a more profitable business.

Today will be difficult to argue that Fortnite is perhaps the biggest phenomenon in the history of computer games, and if it continues at this level for two or three years no one can deny it. However, as we said earlier and point from the North American portal, Epic Games has been entered into millionaire figures in 2006 when the war gears for the Xbox 360 came out. All this power is also being used to build a competitive scene with very large prizes.

The company's position as a developer of one of the most used and relevant engines in the industry, its collaboration with many studios to implement Unreal Engine 4, as well as the development of video games led to a series of skills they let the corporat get the most out of. The advertising campaign created around the game and the possibility to offer it completely free because of its financial muscle indicate two unavoidable keys: good work experience for more than two decades.

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