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The keys to the worst defeat of Real Madrid in the championship

Real Madrid has taken the biggest loss in its history in the Champions League, 0-3 against CSKA, with clues such as the absence of competitive tension on the closing of the rankings as the first, the eleventh choice of Santiago Solari, inexperienced defense or the darkness of Isco Alarcón.

The keys to the biggest defeat of Real Madrid in the Champions League were:

1. Lack of competitive stress

Real Madrid have lost one of the keys to their success, struggling to the end before adversity, always believing their chances to sign the historic comebacks. On rare occasions this season he gets up when he gets hit. It lacks competitive tension, hunger for success. It is indifferent that those who have won all or the youngest to play, this bad symptom has spread in a group that is unable to settle for the regularity of the results and the game. Before the CSKA, came out with the possibility of enjoying the procedure with only the prestige at stake and when he received a blow he was unable to react with authority and eventually showed signs of impotence in defeats that leave a mark against smaller opponents.

2. The choice of Eleven Solari

In his quest for finding reasons for the flamboyant defeat of the European champion against the bottom team, the Argentinian coach took the blame for the development of Eleven and aiming for the young. Many of them are the ones who have the least blame, seeing the physical layout of the Valderde redeemer, the work of Marcos Llorente, the audacity of Vinicius and Marco Asensio of constant search for the goal. Weight loss players like Marcelo have shown that they are far from a worthy physicist to play, Isco did not follow as leader as he needed, Karim Benzema was missing, Gareth Bill was afraid to be injured when he suffered a withdrawal and Tony Kroos appeared again without being pure.

3. Experienceless defense

The rest was awarded to Serge and Ramos and Rafael Vrana, in addition to the absence due to the injury of Nicos and Fernandez, which made the centers unprecedented, and it would be difficult to repeat the whole season: Jesús Vallejo-Javi Sánchez. The first without the pace of competition after a few injuries, trying to carry the voice of the command in defense without success, with little confidence and many doubts; Football left the worst in their games with the first team, failing in goals not to subdue and give room to opponents, feeling unprotected without the character of an experienced defense at his side to advise him. Real Madrid died of defense, without solutions immediately with a split team with four offensive players who took off in the defensive phase.

4. Lack of hitting 45 games later in the championship

Real Madrid could not score against CSKA in their two games. For Moscow's impotence he added the lack of peels in Santiago Bernabeu. Since 27 April 2011, he has not missed a game at home. 44 consecutive games makes a goal that were closed for lack of punches on occasions he was. Up to 25 shots, seven on goal could not overcome Akinféev and crashing with the wood in the shot that Marco Asensio's class was looking for. Fortune this time turned his back on the team of solar as he once was with Jean and Luftagui.

5. Isco's darkness

The worst moments that Sasco has lived since arriving at Real Madrid, without the coach's confidence and their faces to fans of Santiago Bernabeu when he whistles, plays the scene. He disappeared from being treated with Lupattoy not to tell Solari. He gets a few minutes at big parties, and it depends on him to justify those less attractive. His display before Leila served him a little for the next meeting and was fed up with his condition, criticized by the weight and other news that the terms of his opinion of the fan, he responded as he did not have to. He does not hide and will always ask for the ball when he plays, but his situation comes at a critical moment with his future club in the air.

Source: EFE.

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