Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Kiss of Death: A man wonders how she lost her baby's life

After months of mourning, a 30-year-old woman discovered the reason for the death of her baby, barely ten days. Never, even in my worst nightmares, did I imagine that a kiss could kill my baby, and I do not want the other parents to go through it, he promised.

One is Kelly Inson, a Briton living in Dussbury (England) next to her husband Thomas Cummins (26). Hours after her birth, her daughter Chiara was taken back to the hospital where she was born when she suddenly opened a weight. Doctors failed to diagnose the infection for four days, since the Kiara kidneys were closed, developed sepsis and was put into induced coma.

Finally, it was determined that herpes, and that the virus was probably infected by a kiss, informed the Daily Mail portal, and begged the doctors to do everything they could, but it was useless. They actually told us that we were waiting for her to die. I just collapsed, "Inson recalled.

The parents had to make a "hard" decision, which would disconnect the machines so that Chiara could "rest". What happened, they decided to make a general phone call to parents who would take care of their babies and not expose them to herpes.

In the UK, neonatal herpes affects 1.65 bebs per 100,000 births. While in adults it can cause ulcers and wounds, in infants it can be deadly since the early years of life the immune system is still immature.

There is not enough information about herpes. Even those in the medical profession must be aware of it much more, and the damage it can cause, added Chiara's mother. (

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