Friday , January 22 2021

The legislator of Buenos Aires approved the online game in the city

The legislator of Buenos Aires approved the online game in the province, where until now it was illegal, and the betting exceeded the results of football games, although banned the participation of players and players of the participating clubs of the event. The local state expects to raise 500 million pesos.

The law was passed 34 votes in favor of the verdict And 22 against opposing blocs that raised their opposition to damages caused to activity, such as gambling.

The initiative creates "online games" and distinguishes them from "chance or skill, sports betting, virtual gambling and non-sports betting performed by machines, devices or support, Of any kind or technology", Points rut.

The vote was accompanied by an agreement signed between the management of Horacio Rodriguez Larta in the city and that of Maria Eugenia Vidal in the province of Buenos Aires To coordinate actions In the exploitation of online games between two jurisdictions.

According to management officials before the legislature, about a thousand websites have been discovered that sell games of chance secretly, for which the regulations have advanced so that the state can regulate gambling to protect the "Rights of minors, Consumers and users, as well as money laundering prevention. "

In the meantime, the measure prohibits teachers associated with sporting events such as the Football League, "athletes, coaches or other direct participants in the event or sports activity on which the bet is made and the managers of the participating sports organizations or organizers of the event Or sports activity on which the bet is made"

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