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The LIF will present a children's version of ibuprofen


God Industrial laboratory of Santa Fe (LIF) Will be available, From June, A Children's presentation of ibuprofen suspension 2% per 90 milliliters. It will be available for Patients of the district public health system.

It A new pharmacological presentation for children in antipyretics syrup and analgesic, Which will be added to others produced in LIF. This version Adds to ibuprofen 400 milligrams in tablets.

The local laboratory supplies the drug to the public system at 70% less than the average price Of the updated drug books about a month ago.

Their use and use effectively are tools that, within the framework of the primary health care strategy, enable the public health system to solve most of the problems at health centers and hospitals in Santa Fe, under conditions such as colds and minor injuries.


The National Science Foundation and the National University of Rosario (UNRWA) They work on Awareness and education for the rational administration of ibuprofen analgesic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory drugs produced for the entire district network of hospitals and health centers.

"We have been working with universities and public and private bodies over the years to recommend ibuprofen and other drugs, and in the case of this drug in particular, The Drug Information Center (CIM) of the pharmacy and the pharmacy's surface care service hospital Centenario de Rosario"Expressed from the LIF's guide.


It Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs It belongs to a group of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Acts block the Cyclooxygenase enzyme that produces prostaglandins, Substances involving inflammation and pain.

In recent years, the health authorities of The European Union Check regularly for safety NSAIDs, Including Ibuprofen. The studies conducted in 2005, 2006 and 2012 confirmed that NSAIDs, as a pharmacological group, are associated with a small increase in the risk of thromboembolic events, particularly in patients with heart disease or heart disease or with certain cardiovascular risk factors, especially if they are used in high doses.

God Ibuprofen This is usually taken in lower doses for short periods of time. Therefore, there will be no cardiovascular risk in the normal use of most patients. in fact, European Medicines Agency (EMA) Emphasizes that ibuprofen is one of the most common drugs for pain and inflammation, and has a known safety profile, especially in the usual doses.

Due to the above, various countries have established a warning about this risk for the pharmacological group and product information for all NSAIDs, including ibuprofen. It is recommended to use these drugs at the lowest effective dose for the shortest period required to control the symptoms.

Recommendations for use

NSAIDs, like any medications, can cause Side Effects, Especially digestive, cardiovascular and kidneys.

When choosing an NSAID, consider the individual risk factors of the patient, the specific safety profile of each NSAID, and the patient's personal preferences.

In general, we recommend: Use NSAIDs at the lowest effective dose and in the shortest possible time; In the case of chronic pain, regularly reassess the need and efficacy of treatment with NSAIDs, which is only symptomatic; Rather than combine two NSAIDs. "

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