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The pain of Monica Ios remembers the violence she suffered from her ex-husband: "He left some letters to our sons, but I still did not give him"

The pain of Monica Ios remembers the violence she suffered from her ex-husband (Video: "PH, Podemos Hablar" – Telefe)

Two decades ago he enjoyed a happy marriage with Diego Oliveira, Yet Monica Ios He has a difficult life story: Mario, His son's father Federico, They beat her while she was pregnant and raped her. She managed to escape from the house and they parted, but the signs of this turbulent relationship would accompany her forever.

On his last visit on Saturday to the program PH, we can talk, The actress referred to the dark phase of her past. And although he has already publicly told what he suffered during this relationship, He remembered remembering him and discovered that before the suicide the man had left some white letters they had in common, But she still did not let him.

In any case, as the driver pointed out, she plans to give them to them at the specified moment: "When I go to Argentina, I'm going to take them, but I still do not encourage myself. "Mom, even if you do not want to give them to me, I'm of legal age, they match me".

"And Feda is very intense, he has become a huge player, and I think that all that is needed is for a father who commits suicide, although the last time he saw him was four months … Pda has a stamp and energy is very strong Open the new stage of Dad talking to him alive, but who no longer ", He deepened.

"It's impossible that I do not create admiration for what you say because the way you protected it Everything you have from this situation"Praised Andy Kusnetzoff, host of the program.

"It all seems, but Diego smoked a very terrible part of me, which was healing. He is with his love, because he could go a thousand times in moments of crisis. I'm also not an unbearable guy, we're talking about a mine trying to be normal, believing in love again, but it was very hard. It was not my father or my sister, he accompanied me and restrained me, "he said.

According to her testimony, she feels guilty for not wanting to help her son's father before committing suicide and asking herself "Why can not he do something with his life"But there was also a cocktail mixed with drugs and alcohol," Kosnizoff said.

"There was this cocktail; when he was sober he was someone else, but hey, Nor can I testify that in a state of sobriety I would not have done anything"The driver was honest.

Monica Ios, very excited after telling her a difficult story (video: "PH, Podemos Tallar" – Telefe)

Kuchenzoff then offered to look in the mirror and talk to "Monica, 19, who lives in this situation."

"I'm going to talk to someone who was sitting in a church in Santa Fe and in Black and White, Kneeling, please ask to end this nightmare of beatings, screams, rape, of a child who has already emerged from my stomach and feels he is in potential danger. Everything will be fine, time will pass, you will fall in love again and life will be beautiful again. Enough, "he said, before he burst into tears, while the driver and the other guests tried to contain him.

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