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The PlayStation 5 will use the AMD Ryzen 5 3600G APU and cost 399 euros


According to analyst and director of Pleham Smithers Associates, Pelham Smithers /, Playstation 5 PlayStation I will use APU AMD Ryzen 3600G Personally, although the most surprising thing of all will be its price, $ 399 / Euro, Despite the knowledge that I finally use the APU, the price is completely logical and understandable, because Is the price at which the PlayStation 4 originally came.

God AMD Ryzen 5 3600G It will be officially announced at the end of next May during Computex 2019 in Taiwan, according to leaks, it will offer a configuration of 8 cores and 16 processing threads Base frequency / turbo 3.20 / 4.00 GHz Using micro-architecture AMD Zen2 @ 7nm, Which is added to the combination of some graphics Emad Redon Based on architecture Navi 20 @ 7nm, Where according to recent rumors, in its strongest version, it could be Almost as powerful as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, Which added that it will be able to perform RayTracing technology and support 8K resolutions.


The APU serial, which will be sold for consumption in the OEM market, was the price of $ 199, But think Sony can easily buy, More than 50 million APU units in one order, The company can easily cost you Less than $ 100 each APU, Which leaves almost 300 $ For motherboard integration, GDDR6 memory (shared between system and GPU), cooling drive, drive, storage unit MD SSD M.2 and power power to be fully functional.

With all these data, the price is very reasonable, it is more, The PlayStation 4 Pro also ended up at the same price of 399 euros, It's just a touch to know What will be the final show? It will offer us a console price for it, and that we can be facing a device that is causing great loss to the PC industry. See how well the consoles sold for 399 €, it makes sense to think that Sony does not want to inflate prices leave their comfort zone.


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