Friday , May 7 2021

The Ring Ranger is already presale

In this all interested can contact the official Ford dealer to register, guarantee End of the Year with Raptor Ranger. The units have agreed to deliver them starting in September.

The collection offers exclusive A reinforced chassis, designed by Ford Performance Team, With the goal of optimizing the impact on off-road driving at high speed and ensuring its users the security to reach anywhere. Ford performance used in the manufacture of high strength steel steels withstand the punishment of offroad roads.

Outside out

Raptor Ranger, designed and designed specifically to handle all sorts of challenges and carry on The connections are more extreme and cruel, For real offroad enthusiasts, who are looking for excitement whenever they turn on their pickup.

The impressive presence of Raptor Ranger stems from its dimensions, Its height is 1873 mm, its 2180 mm width, providing a wheelbase of 3220 mm and disposal of 283 mm.

This "flat" offers the latest technology with automatic transmission 10 speed box, Providing faster gear changes, thereby increasing the responsiveness of the vehicle and the efficiency of fuel consumption.

The engine

The Ranger is equipped with an engine Bi-Turbo 2.0L is embedded in 4-cylinder diesel, developed in the UK And has been tested by engineering staff at extreme cyclo thermal tests. The engine said he could confiscate 213 HP at 3750 rpm with a torque of 500 nm at 2000 rpm.

three colors

The new pickup is available in three colors: Performance Blue, Arctic Black and Ebony.

From Thailand

The Raptor Ranger version is manufactured at the Ford Thailand factory, an exclusive production center for this model of Ford Performance Team.


The pre-sale price is $ 52,990.

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