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The S & P Merval index rose 1% by energy companies (up 6.2%),


The leading index S & P Merval de Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) advanced by 1% and again exceeded 37,000 points (Closed at 37,023.74 units), looking again for the historical maximum value of 37,562.08 units, was recorded on 6 February.

The newspapers of Pampa Energy Led the progression, with a jump of 6.2%. It was also the second second traded stock of the day ($ 64.3 million) after Grupo Financiero Galicia (98.4 million).

The stand was completed by the actions of Transportadora de Gas del Sur (+ 5.1%); And Central Puerto (+ 3.7%).

Pampa's assets were "quiet" for some time and did not accompany the other actions of the leading panel in January. "The latest news on the production gas recording production, he said With the rise of this Monday, PAMP is the most winning in February (+ 10.7%), while in the year it is gaining 26% (this is already the fifth highest in 2019).

Central Puerto Rico, For its part, are the only companies with financing and "encouragement" from the owners and receive tenders for additional megawat, market sources explain.

"For the thermal power plant Ensenada de Barragán, a CEPU tender for 280 million US dollars for Brigadier Lopez's thermoelectric power plant, for $ 165 million in the US." There is a context in which investment in energy is very focused on Vaca Muerta and there is not as many companies with back to offer an offer for more capacity, investors think that CEPU will win these proposals "Explained Dee George.

Among the main failures, in turn, were the oil sector, in light of the decline in international oil prices (He was preoccupied with the uncertainty about the outcome of the Sino-American negotiations, whose failure caused fear of greater difficulties for the demand). therefore, A decline of Petrobras Brazil (-1.6%); Aluar (-1.3%); And YPF (-1.2%).

The rise in the local stock market took place within a larger climate Selectivity, and with low turnover (decreased 18% to $ 487 million), Given that it causes, according to operators, "wait and see" greater since the recovery at the beginning of the year was too dizzy. There were 56 trips, 25 casualties and 10 shares without changes per day.

"The domestic capital sector continues to wander without being able to define its trend, and once again the development of the wheel has been the environment for small businesses" Described an analyst. Then, in the meantime, he explained the reasons for the weakness shown by the local market during the round:The effects of the expiration of the options are presented. "

Fixed income and state risk

In the fixed income segment, on the other hand, the principal bonds in dollars are quoted in the pesos, They closed with most of the gains, in a very volatile wheel for the wholesale exchange rate (it rose to jump to $ 38.60 midmornning, but then it was losing strength and closing at $ 37.91, today's low though 6 cents above Friday's closing).

Bonar 2024 rose by 0.5%; Boner 2020, 0.1%, Such as DIt is under Argentine lawA. The 2037 Bonnar led the increases, with a jump of 1.4%.

In turn, dollarized securities denominated in currencies ended with the majority of casualties, and stressed the decline of the bonds of the century (-1.1%).

On the other hand, Lecaps operated at rates between 34 and 35%, while the Leliqs auction showed an average rate of 45.15% (-110 bps).

In this framework, the Argentine state risk, which measures JP Morgan, Rose 6 units to 680 basis points, 0.7%.

And CDS (insurance against the default) of 5 years closed at 645 points, after operating below 600 units at the beginning of the month.

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