Friday , January 15 2021

The significant message of Cle Rivero about Thelma Parden after being rejected by Dart

The first to condemn Juan Darth It was Clos Rivero And although many doubted her, the young woman continued her criminal and public charge against the former heroine of Dulce Amor, that she had abandoned the recurring days when she overcame the scenes of kisses or intimacy of the characters they played. It was his valentine that enabled him Thelma Parden Last Tuesday he also gave his testimony against the interpreter and denounced him for rape during a tour of "Ugly Duck" in Nicaragua in 2009.

Many of the artists, after Thelma's difficult story, believed him, and at the same time went out to apologize to Cleo for doubting her. Among the characters who expressed remorse are Mariano Martens, Laura Escquiel, and Jorge Barbarossa, among others. The young woman, all this time, was a refugee in New York, and this year I decided to return to Argentina to tell her truth, in addition to encouraging myself to return to the game, first at the theater and now with a new track in Tel Aviv.

On Thursday, Dartes set out to defend himself after he denied the statements of former ugly Petitou through social networks, this time he did so through an interview with Mauro Viale, where he said that Thelma "lies" and promised that "she destroyed him" and he wanted to kiss him, He threw her out of the hotel room. These words have caused even more rejection in social networks and in the media.

On the other hand, today was the latest mediation between Dart & Cleo, but he did not show up, so it is very likely that the case will come to an oral trial. In the middle of all the scandal and the more complicated legal situation of the accused, Ribot took some time to leave a message to Farden after Derrat's release.

The actress wrote in her Twitter account of devotion for her colleague, where she encourages her to continue to fight for justice. Small small brave @ Suythelmafardin hug you forever #NoesNo #miracomonosponeos, wrote the brunette with tenderness and total empathy, which more than her to understand your colleague in this difficult time that is passing.

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