Friday , May 14 2021

The strain 2 engineering samples have 15% more IPC, up to 4.5GHz

Manufacturers of motherboards already have their power Some examples of engineering of the second breed go to check compatibility with their current motherboards, and with future X570 boards, and the first performance metrics were not slow to reach.

As previously expected, strain 2 will have an IPC improvement of 15% over Zen +. This non-technical explanation will compare the Zen + processor and the Zen2 processor with the same number of cores and the same frequency, the Zen2 processor will yield an average of 15% more.

In addition to these IPC improvements, they will also have frequency improvements, achieving 4.5GHz in a quad-core model. Compared to the Ryzen 3 2300X also quad-core, but with a boost at 4.0GHz, this is a 12.5% ​​frequency enhancement. If we do 1.15 * 1.125, we will have an improvement of almost 30% compared to the current range, which would be crazy if it is true.

Already Biostar has confirmed that the new Ryzen looks at Computex from May 27, so it's not too long to get official news.

What do you think about the progress of AMD and its new Zen 2 Architecture?

Source: WCCFTech

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