Friday , May 14 2021

The weight of history

The oldest classic in Argentine football is, at the same time, one of the most unbalanced in history: Out of 233 games played in the first and international tournaments between the pro and amateur era, he won 107 and the race was left with 65.

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The tables and how to date next

However, the difference between river and Race Deepened in recent times: the painting of Evelanda He has not been able to beat that of Nonis since June 18, 2017, When he won 3-2 at Monumental Stadium. From that date there were no more victories: he barely saved a point in the first stage of the quarterfinals of the 18 18 Core Cup, 0-0 …

River managed, during that time, a five-win sprint in six games, and managed to beat Gallardo by three different race coaches: Eduardo Coda (3), Sebastian Bacchaeus and Juan Antonio Pizzi. While the difference is not only reflected in the number of wins but also in the number of goals each team has managed to convert: while River scored 18, averaging three per game, Racing scored just two.

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Tata Cruz: How to play River, his experience and powerful bench for Pizzi

And this is explained by three awkward results: 3-0 in the quarter-finals of the CL 18 (he played in Liberty), the 6-1 in Eveland by the Super League 19/20, and even here in time, the irreversible 5-0 victory in Santiago del Astro, by definition Argentine Super Cup 19. It’s clear that Pizzi intends to cut in the same clean and clean way in favor of the doll, his former Compa River. And that Napoleon himself would seek to maintain his continuum. Will history consider?

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