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The wrong comment from the newspaper, Acunio Palabcino, is a journalist


The host of the program later made a strong release against the folklore singer.

December 1, 2018

Journalist of Channel 10 of Cordoba Guadalupe is a singer He made a strong disclaimer on the Facebook social network after his friend was the victim of taunts of singer Chaveño Palavecino, who misread and intentionally tattooed that had a chronicle on his back.

"And when I look for you there are no beds that I have not traveled …," said Palavecino in a note that was made as part of the play Summer festivals of Cordoba.

"Those of us who registered for this artist, we know about his tendency out of place and his marked sexism, unfortunately, used to move around this environment and know the character's planner, we usually choose not to put it in place"Please specify Singer, who ran the show during the mobile.

"Analyzing the situation in the cold, I understand that he could have chosen not to say anything, let him through, but it feels wrong, and the irresponsible charge of Cinco Palabcino was pointless, turning his macho into a public again, and not We did nothing to stop him "confirmed the driver.

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